APM Terminals roll out Track & Trace

APM Terminals roll out Track & Trace

23-03-2021 12:00:00

In the first quarter of 2021 APM Terminals rolled out its industry-leading global container tracking platform, Track & Trace, to three major terminals. Almost two thirds of the company’s fully controlled terminals now benefit from this advanced container tracking platform.

APM Terminals Mumbai, APM Terminals Pipavav in India and APM Terminals Callao in Peru launched Track & Trace in March. The container tracking tool can be found on the terminals’ homepages on www.apmterminals.com in both English and the local language.

The company’s global Track & Trace platform provides live vessel schedules, real-time tracking of import and export containers and the option to save import containers to a personal Container Watchlist for easier monitoring. With just a couple of clicks, customers can review their Container Watchlist and quickly identify any actions that need to be taken. This avoids entering container numbers each time they need to re-check a container’s status. The ability to sort and add filters to the Container Watchlist makes this even simpler. For example, customers may choose to only show containers that are ‘ready for collection’ using a filter, or to show containers with holds at the top of their Watchlist.

Using one global solution means that terminals automatically benefit from global upgrades, such as the recently launched Email Container Notification function. This allows customers to set emails once or twice per day, to provide them with a snapshot of the status of the import containers in their Container Watchlist.

The current status of a customer’s containers will be waiting for them in their inbox when they arrive in the morning and again in the afternoon, to give them the opportunity to resolve any issues before leaving for the day.

A single apmterminals.com account currently provides access to all advanced Track & Trace functionality, as well as other digital services such as Terminal Alerts (personalised operational alerts sent to the customers via email or SMS). This free account will eventually replace individual logins currently required for things like ordering additional services and truck appointment systems.

“This is part of the company’s strategy to offer customers all digital services via a single, user-friendly platform (www.apmterminals.com) and with just a single login”, says David Francis, Head of Digital Products at APM Terminals.

“This will clearly remove complexity for customers who currently have to switch between multiple systems to conduct business with a terminal.”

For most terminals using APM Terminals’ global Track & Trace platform, data from their Terminal Operating Systems can also be provided to customers through APIs (application programming interface). These are used to integrate real-time data directly into customers’ transport management system via a broad range of APIs offered in the company’s API Store.

Looking forward, APM Terminals is on track to roll-out its industry-leading Track & Trace solution to more than 90% of its fully owned terminals by the end of 2021.

Source: APM Terminals

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