Cascades of water honour captain

Cascades of water honour captain

28-03-2019 12:00:00

A water show from a tugboat welcomed the respected DFDS Captain William Simonsen as he sails Freesia Seaways into Terneuzen on his last voyage.

It is a tribute reserved for the few to sail into a port with a tugboat spraying water cannons in your honour – but it happened for captain William Simonsen when he arrived in Ghent on 23 March for the last time at the helm of Freesia Seaways before his retirement. It was recognition of a long career as a captain.

It comes as no surprise that William was given gifts by the agencies in both ports on his last voyage, but perhaps he was himself surprised to be greeted with a mist from a tugboat shooting water to either side as a special gesture of appreciation.

The pilots, boatmen and tugboat companies were all aware that this was his last voyage towards the lock in Terneuzen on the river Scheldt, and they wanted to say their goodbyes with a display of water.

“We would like to thank William, a PEC (Pilotage Exemption Certificate) holder since 2005, for the extended time he sailed on the Ghent – Gothenburg route, and we wish him all the best for the future,” said Alain De Brauwer, Route Operations Manager, Ghent / Zeebrugge, also passing on well wishes from Group Gothenburg traffic department.

Source: DFDS

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