Maritime organizations join forces

Maritime organizations join forces

18-02-2019 12:00:00

Two of Denmark’s maritime organizations have joined forces to fulfill a political wish of a transnational neighbor check of rules and regulations, so that Denmark can uncover any possible distortions and competitive obstacles that can create better conditions for Danish ports and maritime companies.

“The members of Danish Ports and Danish Maritime can only succeed if we continuously compare their competitive terms to global competitive terms and the legislation that we regulate with them in Denmark, in relation to the global competition that they are part of," says CEO of Danish Maritime, Jenny N Braat.

A similar neighbor check has already been done for Danish shipping companies. This lead to the discovery of 33 cases of phased implementation that were considered disadvantages for Danish shipping companies in the global competition. A similar check is also being done for Danish shipyards.

That is why Danish Ports and Danish Maritime believe that it is necessary to do a neighboring check of the last part the Danish maritime segment, the ports and the equipment manufacturers.

source: Danske Havne / Maritime Danmark

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