Progress made in building the ∆rÝXpress

Progress made in building the ∆rÝXpress

05-12-2018 10:00:00

Over the last two years, the ∆rÝXpress project has overcome numerous obstacles and challenges. But the building process is now looking bright as the ship is being build in Riga and will arrive at the shipyard Hvide Sande Shipyard around May 1 2019, where the shipyard will spent six months finishing the ship.

ĒOur ferry is now very environmentally friendly due to the hybrid propulsion system, and we have a clear agreement with the Danish Green Investment Fund, that the ferry will become even greener Ė more batteries will be installed once the technology and the funds are thereĒ, ∆rÝXpressen writes in an announcement.

The financing is in place, despite the fact that the ferry ended up with a different design than originally planned. There are agreements with both municipalities about ferry slips, and the people behind are very far away in the process of making a management deal.

Over the course of next year, the board of directors are required to follow the construction plan One task is to come up with a bus connection, from the ferry in RundkÝbing to Svendborg. In cooperation with the management company, the board of directors have to construct route plans and a ticket systems and make sure that ferry slips turn out as planned.

Source: ∆rÝXpressen / Maritime Danmark

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