Hirtshals installs new wave recoarder

Hirtshals installs new wave recoarder

08-11-2018 10:00:00

On November 6, the Port of Hirtshal switched their wave recorder with a new and more advanced model. The new wave recorder is placed outside the Port of Hirtshals’ entry zone, and sends data to a receiver in the port office 24 hours a day.

The new waverecoarder is more technologically advanced than the previous one, and gives better and more precise data. The new wave recorder also has a electricity meter that measures surface ocean currents, which, like the waves, can impact the maneuver in the entry zone. The new wave recorder makes it possible for the port of Hirtshals to offer its users better service and a safer sailing in and out the port.

Being hat the Port of Hirtshals is located at the top of Jutland, the area is often exposed to wind, which can lead to large waves. These waves are not necessarily an obstacle to ferry traffic, nor fishing or other maritime activities, but they can make it difficult to sail in and out the port if one is unaware of the height of the waves and which direction they are coming from.

Source: Hirtshals Havn / Maritime Danmark

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