Norwegian ferry service decision by Easter

Norwegian ferry service decision by Easter

12-01-2018 15:00:00

Employees of the Norwegian Ministry of Transport will Monday morning start looking into the received offers on the famous "Kystruten" service from Bergen to Kirkenes starting 2020. The current operator, Hurtigruten AS, is amongst the shipping companies, who have made an offer.

”We expect to have a new operator ready by Easter”, Norwegian transport minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen informs.

The Minister of Transport does not wish to inform, how many bids they have received, before they have made a deal with the future operator, as the information could influence the negotiations. Only Hurtigruten has publicly stated, that they have made an offer. The deadline for submitting offers is today.

The ferry service might end up being driven by three separate shipping companies rather than one, as the position is divided into three separate packages. Two of the packages each contain four sub routes, while the last package contains three sub routes.

11 shipping companies have shown interest in putting in offers, but it is unknown how many actually have done it. The Use of heavy fuel oil as fuel is not allowed
Speculation in the Norwegian media has led to the knowledge that Norled, Torghatten and Fjord 1 - and finally Hurtigruten AS – are amongst those, who have put in an offer.

On the list of requirements, it is emphasized, that the new operator, or operators, must ensure that the ferry service is environmentally friendly, and that the ferries are prepared for land power.

Source: Maritimt Magasin / Maritime Denmark

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