Maersk Broker had an excellent 2017

Maersk Broker had an excellent 2017

02-01-2018 09:00:00

The stock company Maersk Broker, owned by Maersk Mc-Kinney Møllers three daughters, had an excellent year in 2017, where the company succeeded more than 100 S&P, had an active role in 35 new building and resale business and more than 2,000 fixtures.

”2017 was a very busy, but beneficial year for us”, the companys CEO Anders Hald writes on Maersk Brokers LinkedIn side.

The increaed activity, which especially has taken place on the dry cargo market, has for example led to the company hiring 30 new people for their different offices across the world.

Maersk Broker has expanded a lot during the last couple of years, especially in the dry cargo market, where the company entered into a strategic based partnership with Wonsild back in December 2015.

Source: Maritime Denmark

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