Shipping secure jobs outside the cities

Shipping secure jobs outside the cities

28-09-2017 11:30:00

Shipping companies secure lots of jobs in the so-called outer and rural municipalities. This is shown in a new survey from Danske Rederier, which shows that 66 percent of the seafarers live in the 46 outer and rural municipalities, as defined by the Danish Commerce and Industry Agency.

"The new survey underlines an important point, namely that shipping companies make a decisive contribution to employment in their own country, where one has to work a little harder to create growth and jobs. It is a contribution we are proud of as it emphasizes that shipping creates value throughout the country," says Jakob Ullegård, Director of Danske Rederier.

The headquarters may be close to cities like Copenhagen and Gentofte, but there is no obstacle for shipping companies to secure jobs throughout the country. This is clear in a new statement in which the seafarers' residence has been opposed to the Danish Commerce and Industry Agency's definition of rural and remote municipalities.

Looking at the 16 outer municipalities alone, 21 percent of the seafarers live here. The seafarers are thus overrepresented in these municipalities, with only 8,5 percent of the general adult population living here. Looking at the 30 rural municipalities, seafarers make up 44,7 percent, but only 26.8 percent of all grown-up Danes.

The great maritime prints in rural areas are the reason why Danske Rederier participate in the growth team, which has just been set up by the Rural Councils. The committee will identify opportunities and challenges for the professions that occupy much in the rural and remote areas. In addition, the committee must identify how local development can be encouraged.

Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Denmark

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