Submarine sank after rescue operation

Submarine sank after rescue operation

11-08-2017 12:00:00

The owner of the submarine Nautilus, Peter Madsen, was rescued in a dramatic rescue operation, but soon his submarine sank in Øresund. This is confirmed by the watchman at the Defense Operations Center to TV 2 News. It is still unclear what happened to the other passenger.

Peter Madsen was already in the water when he was rescued by a rescue boat, confirming the Armed Forces to TV 2.
"A rescue boat and a helicopter were deployed and Peter Madsen is in good condition," said watchman Ole Theill to TV 2.
It is still unknown where the other passenger is located. According to TV 2 News, the Armed Forces report that Peter Madsen set the other person off somewhere in Copenhagen on Thursday evening.

According to the police, this person is not yet found.
It was this person's girlfriend who reported the person missing at 2.30 last night

Peter Madsen told TV 2 News, that his submarine sank in just 30 seconds.

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