Shipping greatly benefits Danish exports

Shipping greatly benefits Danish exports

09-08-2017 15:30:00

Danish earnings exports were sustained by a solid growth in maritime transport, where the 2nd quarter became the best since shipping was hit by rate cuts by the end of 2015. This is shown in new figures from Statistics Denmark, to the satisfaction of Danske Rederier.

Starting in mid-2016, steady progress has been made in the second quarter of this year of DKK 8,5 billion compared to the same quarter in 2016.

"It is good news that Danish shipping companies are improving quarter to quarter, as both shipping companies and Denmark benefit from this. But we are still a little away from the good years in 2014 and 2015, where shipping saw records in relation to Danish exports of maritime transport. Nevertheless, the new figures show that the Danish strength position in shipping is able to seize opportunities in the world market when they present themselves," says Jakob Ullegård, director of Danske Rederier.

Shipping is Denmark's largest export business and exports have increased by DKK 2,5 billion from the 1st to 2nd quarter of this year.

"It does not mean that all problems suddenly disappear. But we can see that the trend has reversed and that there is a better balance between the net inflow of ships and the increasing economic activity worldwide. It is also an indication that things are getting better in the world," says Jakob Ullegård.

Shipping exports rose by DKK 206 billion in 2014, but fell to just DKK 168 billion in 2016.

Source: Danke Rederier / Maritime Denmark

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