Ærø-firm enjoys offshore market

Ærø-firm enjoys offshore market

02-12-2014 16:00:00

Maritime Engineering, which supplies fuel saving solutions and perform repairs on ships worldwide, has trained staff through the regional project Power Push from Business Link South Denmark. Power Push provides financing for education and training for employees.

"For our customers it is a great advantage that they can sail, while we do our work," says Ulrik Lassen, Director of Maritime Engineering, and adds:

"With simple means and skills we could move into the offshore industry, which has very interesting growth opportunities. We therefore took a deal where we could get half of the cost covered, and that our employees were certified for offshore and got health and safety courses," says Ulrik Lassen.

Power Push has run from 2012-2014 and has been accessible to companies throughout South Denmark, which have been able to obtain 50 percent financing for skills development in the form of courses and training for employees. 180 companies have used Power Push.

A study shows that Power Push-participation means that companies on average are expecting a revenue of 1.9 million kroner.

Source: Maritime Engineering / Maritime Denmark

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