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Storm cause of many shipping accidents

Storm cause of many shipping accidents

29-10-2013 10:00:00

The strong storm , with winds of hurricane strength , which yesterday hit England and some northern European countries , caused the accident for a number of ships. Many ships have had problems because of the weather . To date there are no reports of injuries in the accidents .

The cruise ship Ocean Atlantic broke moorings in Bremerhaven on 28 . due to strong winds from the storm . The vessel was brought back to the pier by a tug . There are no reported injuries.

The ferry Peter Pan, which was placed at the dock in Trelleborg in Sweden, broke free of its moorings Monday afternoon in connection with gusts up to 38 m / s. The vessel stern slipped away from the pier and hit the stern of the coaster Jopi which was docked on the opposite side of the pool.

The ferry Stena Alegra ran aground off Karlskrona in Sweden, late Monday . The vessel did not carry passengers or cargo on board. There are no reported spills. Grounding was alleged strong winds. There are tow help on the way.

Dredger Arco Axe went aground off Shoeburyness in the Thames Estuary in England. The vessel was pulled free with the help of tugs and taken to Medway .

The cargo ship RMS Rotterdam was hit by engine failure on Monday night out of Molle in Sweden, and had to emergency drop anchor. The Swedish Coast Guard ship Poseidon came to help, but RMS Rotterdam had solved the problem and resumed the voyage from Liepaja in Latvia to Frederikstad in Sweden.

Danish Meteorological Institute reports on the measurement of wind gusts of up to 53 meters per second . second at Kegnaes on Als. This is supposed to be the strongest gust ever measured in Denmark . There are also other places recorded wind gusts of more than 50 m / s

Source: Maritime Bulletin

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