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Hafnia Tankers sells and charters tanker
Mikael Skov, CEO of Hafnia
Hafnia Tankers sells and charters tanker
16-02-2018 13:00
Hafnia Tankers has just strengthened its cash balance with sales and leaseback of an LR1 tanker. The Danish owner has sold the oil tanker Hafnia Australia of 75,000 DWT, built in 2010, to a private Japanese ship-owner.

Hedge fund believe in shippingstocks
16-02-2018 12:00
Stocks in the shipping business are being traded at the lowest prices since 1999 adjusted for shipyard costs, and over the next couple of years stocks in the shipping industry will increase by 50-100 per cent.
Russia behind the cyberattack on Maersk
15-02-2018 14:00
The British Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson has stated that Russia were behind the cyber attack, which hit countries on a global scale and also hit Maersk, causing the company to lose billions. The Danish Secretary of State for Defence Claus Hjort Frederiksen agrees with this claim.
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Sovcomflottanker causes traffic jam in Suez
15-02-2018 13:00
Sovcomflot's Aframax Tanker Zaliv Amurskiy of 105,542 DWT hit ground on Tuesday at 4.30pm at the 41-kilometer mark during transit in the Suez Canal. Six vessels in the northbound convoy had to wait nearly a day to continue their voyage.
Explosion on drillship kills five people
14-02-2018 13:00
Tuesday morning five workers were killed and 12 were injured as the result of an explosion and fire on the drillship Sagar Bhushan. The explosion took place in a ballast tank during maintenance work at Cochin Shipyard, a large government owned shipyard in Kerala, India.
 Swire Blue Ocean announces new CEO
14-02-2018 12:00
Swire Blue Ocean, a Danish subsidiary of Swire Pacific Offshore based in Singapore, has announced Mikkel Gleerup as their new CEO. Gleerup was hired in the company under the title of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) in February 2017.

 Vestas spend billions buying back shares
13-02-2018 10:30
The Board of Vestas Wind Systems A/S has decided to build a share repurchase program with the intention of repurchasing up to 1,500 million Danish kroner, which is approximately 200 million Euro. The repurchase will happen in the period between 12 February 2018 and 3 May 2018.

Danish tanker hits ground in Göteborg
13-02-2018 09:30
Saturday at 15 o'clock the Danish registered tanker Ternvind hit ground in the Gothenburg islands . The vessel was able to release itself and hour later, with the help of a strong wind. There was no major damage to the ship and there was no leak holes created.
Maersk stocks are skyrocketing
12-02-2018 14:00

Fresh off last Friday's financial accounting, where the share course of A.P. Møller-Maersk shares fell a little on the stock exchange, analysts and investors have now close studied the financial statements. Because of this more people have made adjustments, and today at 13 o'clock, the company's A and B shares have both increased by more than four percent.
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Pirates attack vessel off the coast of Nigeria
12-02-2018 12:00
Last Friday, a vessel in Bight of Bonny off the coast of Nigeria became victim of a pirate attack. Domain Awareness for Trade - Gulf of Guinea reported that the pirate attack occurred before noon approximately 45 nautical miles off the coast of Nigeria. The name of the vessel has not been announced.
Maersk Supply Service hit with impairment
09-02-2018 11:06
Maersk Supply Service has a loss of 251 million dollars, a loss that is heavily influenced by another impairment. This year the impairment amounted to 180 million dollars due to the market, which continues to be pressured. In the financial year of 2016, the company was hit with an impairment of 1.2 billion dollars.
Skou: Crucial improvement is necessary
09-02-2018 10:00
CEO of A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S, Søren Skou is pleased with A.P. Møller - Maersk's results for 2017, but states that there is still room for improvement. He points out the impact of the cyber attack and highlights the growth in revenue.

 Maersk Supply wins ship award once again
08-02-2018 14:55
Maersk Master won the "Vessel of the Year" award at the annual Offshore Support Journal Conference in London. This the second year in a row Maersk Supply Service wins this award for one of the company's newly build vessels. Last year the cable-laying vessel Maersk Connector won the award.

Great year for DFDS Seaways
08-02-2018 13:15
DFDS experienced growth in both revenue and result of profit before taxes in 2017. The company experienced a similar situation in the fourth quarter of the year. Revenue increased in 2017 from 13.8 billion Danish kroner to 14.3 billion Danish kroner. Profit before tax was 1.72 billion while the number was 1.60 billion the preceding year.
Ørsted sits brilliantly at the top in Europe
07-02-2018 15:00
Ørsted is ahead of its competitors and took first place as the largest owner of offshore wind farms in Europe, while MHI Vestas had to settle for second place on the list of which company has the most wind turbines installed. Bladt took third place on the list of who has most foundations installed.
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Focus on danish seamens Russian problems
07-02-2018 14:00
Approving Danish Seamen’s maritime books in Russian ports has been an issue for a long period of time. This is one of the issues that Danish shipping company Danske Rederier focus on during a visit to Russia as part of a Danish delegation relating the settlement of the Danish-Russian Government Council.
MAN to build LPG-engine together with HHI
06-02-2018 10:00

MAN Diesel & Turbo has signed a letter of intent with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) to build an engine, driven by liquid petroleum gas (LPG). This fuel has a great potential because it does not contain sulphur, thus complying with the upcoming rules and restrictions for sulphur emissions.

 Decline in revenue at the port of Horsens
06-02-2018 08:00
In 2017, Horsens Harbor took a loss in revenue of freight. The final figure is calculated at 749,511 ton, with a steady and stable distribution over the four quarters of the year. This is a decline from record breaking number in 2016 of approx. 80,000 ton

 Officers punished for US Navy collisions
05-02-2018 15:00
Another four seamen from the US Navy have been punished for being partly responsible for a collision including two destroyers last year, which cost a total of 17 crew members life. These are three leading officers from the USS Fitzgerald and one from the USS John McCain.

New lawyers in OW Bunker case
05-02-2018 14:00
Numerous major investors, with ATP as the leading one, have hired the law firm DLA Piper to replace Bruun & Hjejle in the lawsuit against OW Bunker's former management. Pension funds have sued OW Bunker’s former management, the capital fund Altor and others for 833 million Danish Kroner.
Tanker is suspected of being hijacked
02-02-2018 11:00
Anglo Eastern has lost signal of a product tanker, which last made contact at Cotonou anchorage in Benin in West Africa. According to the ship operator, the 45,989-DWT Marine Express carried a load of approximately 13,500 tonnes of petrol at time of the latest contact at 03.30 on 1 February.
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Worlds first hydrogen-ferry to operate in 21
02-02-2018 10:10
The Norwegian government has plans of making Norway the world's first country in possession of a hydrogen-powered ferry. The two companies, Boreal Sjø and Wärtsilä Ship Design, have entered into a joint venture to create the ferry, which scheduled to be ready by 2021.
Missing charts increases danger in Arctic
01-02-2018 14:15
In this modern world where shipping traffic in Greenland waters keeps increasing, it is obviously dangerous that we are lacking information about depths of the oceans, shards and grounds, consultancy firm HARNVIG Arctic & Maritime states.
 Maersk wins the battle of the light blue star
01-02-2018 11:00
Companies are not allowed to use a logo that resembles the famous light blue star, which is the logo of Maersk. This was decided by the High Court of Eastern Denmark on Wednesday in a case where a company used a logo that could be confused with the light blue Maersk star.

 Pearl Seaways ferry installs STM-system
31-01-2018 10:00
DFDS Seaways has just equipped the Pearl Seaways car and passenger ferry with an advanced Sea Traffic Management System (STM) that enables exchange of information concerning voyage plans, navigation alerts etc. between ships, ports and other key operators in the business.

Hapag-Lloyd scraps seven container ships
31-01-2018 09:15
Shipping company Hapag-Lloyd has decided to scrap seven container ships, as the company is modernizing its fleet in the wake of the acquisition of UASC. The ships, which each contain a capacity of 4,101 TEU, will according to the company, be recycled at green shipyards in Turkey and China.
Drug mules board the Hapag-Lloyd ship
30-01-2018 10:00
A group of 10 unauthorized people boarded the German flagged container ship Rotterdam Express last week. A container heading to the US turned out to be filled with 185 kilos of cocaine. Hapag - Lloyd does not wish to comment further on the situation, due to the ongoing investigations in the case.
Dead victims from Sanchi identified
30-01-2018 08:30
China has identified the three corpses that were found onboard the NITC suemax Sanchi. All of the 32 crew members onboard lost their lives, when the oil tanker burned after a collision on the coast of Shanghai on the January 6.
Digitalization is to make seatransport safer
29-01-2018 11:00
The Danish Maritime Authority and IALA hosted the e-Navigation Underway conference for the eighth time. During the two-day conference, the possibilities of new technology and digitalization were the topic of conversation. More than 150 participants from five continents attended the conference.
 Danish Maritime satisfied with agreement
29-01-2018 08:30
Danish Maritime are pleased that an agreement has been reached on the settlement for the Danish Defence, which implies that the government will reconsider the demand of one large and three smaller environmental ships to an estimated value of 400 million kroner, which will benefit communities and shipyards.

 Electric container barges replace trucks
26-01-2018 14:35
The world's first electrically driven, emission-free and potentially autonomously container barges will be deployed in the ports of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam this summer. From these ports they will move containers to their destinations by the waterways, replacing trucks as transportation devices.

Disaster struck Maersk-rig gets new project
26-01-2018 13:50
The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has given Aker BP permission to use the Maersk Interceptor jackup rig at the Ivar Aasen field in the North Sea. The rig will drill and complete the project of building two water injection wells. The rig made headlines worldwide in December 2017 due to a tragic accident.
Maersk invests in new digital trading platform
24-01-2018 15:00
In the same way as several of its competitors, Maersk Line has decided to invest in the new digital platform New York Shipping Exchange (NYSHEX), becoming its third founding member. NYSHEX’s goal is to offer digitized and standardized freight contracts.

Peter Madsen’s submarine close to collisions
24-01-2018 14:00
More frightening details in the case of the murder of Kim Wall, which the prosecutors believe were carefully planned, are revealed. Besides homicide charges, Peter Madsen face for two serious violations of sea security laws, as his submarine almost collided with a cargo vessel and a cruise ship during the incident.
Siemens’ first turbine in Walney is running
23-01-2018 15:00
A Siemens Gamesa 7MW wind turbine has generated its first power in the second and final stage of Walney Extension, which will become the world's largest wind farm, when the establishment is done later this year. The company in charge of developing the wind farm, Ørsted has stated.
 Rule in the way of 750 million revenue
23-01-2018 14:00
Danske shipyards and suppliers have taken a loss in revenues of an estimated 750 million Danish kroner. This is a result of the government’s special rule, that a shipyard is not allowed to bid, if it has not built a ship of the same type within ten years. Danske Maritime have reported.

 Snabe: Closer EU cooperation is needed
22-01-2018 11:15
Prior to the Davos Summit, President of Maersk and Siemens, Jim Hagemann Snabe, called on politicians to invest in a closer European cooperation in the EU and increase focus on education, training and innovation in order to beat the emerging Chinese market.

Brian Mikkelsen:"We have to be in the top 3"
22-01-2018 11:00
Before the government makes their maritime sector development plan public later today, Minister of Industry, Brian Mikkelsen, decided to tell TV 2 News that Denmark has to be in top 3 on the list of the world's largest maritime nations. The plan consists of 37 concrete initiatives
Stena Bulk moves to new office in CPH
19-01-2018 12:30
Stena Bulk has launched its new office in Copenhagen and in extension of this, established the world's first digital ship naming. With the establishment of the new office more Stena companies will be gathered under the same roof in Tuborg Harbor located in Hellerup, a city north of Copenhagen.
Oil continues to spill from Sanchi
19-01-2018 11:00
Chinese maritime authorities have discovered four oil puddles next to where the Sanchi oil tanker collision occurred, which spreads over a total of 101 square kilometres. In total, the oil filled areas cover the size of Paris.
Protectionism hits danish ships abroad
18-01-2018 10:00
Specific National safety requirements for ships, that sail to ports abroad are making it difficult for Danish ships to be allowed work in foreign ports. Danish shipping companies are seeking a common international regulatory situation to ensure competition for Danish ships abroad.
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