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Norden revises expectations for 2018
Norden revises expectations for 2018
08-08-2018 16:00
Due to a very weak tanker spot market, Norden lowers its expectations for the Adjusted Result for the year to USD 0 to 30 million, down from USD 10 to 50 million. The expected full-year result for the tanker business is revised down to a range of USD -35 to -20 million against previously USD -15 to 5 million.

Old Danish ships attend TallShips Races
10-08-2018 12:00
The Danish maritime history was prominently represented when the TallShips Races 2018 stopped by Esbjerg last month. A lot of the elder guests recognized a number of the ships and were able to tell their families and grandchildren the stories of back then when they were young and took off on the small freighter ships.
Heavy winds affects ferry traffic to Norway
10-08-2018 10:00
Short news: Although hurricane Johanne lost settled down once it hit the Danish west coast, the hurricane created major waves in the sea surrounding and because of this ferry traffic between Denmark and Norway has been shut down most of the day.
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Bladt enters joint venture in Taiwan
09-08-2018 12:00
Bladt Industries has entered a joint venture med Taiwan company Century Wind Poer regarding production of mill fundament. Taiwan’s government has an ambitious goal of establishing large offshore windmill farms and the country could be an important springboard for the Asian market.
Skagen Red is an attractive pit stop
09-08-2018 10:00
It has become attractive to drop anchor in Skagen Red. Many ships view the place as a pit stop, where they are able to collect new supplies of fresh water, do dredging, do diving examination, smaller reparations and much more.
 HH Ferries is successful with trucks
08-08-2018 12:00
Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg route shipped 121.000 trucks across Øresund in the second quarter of 2018, which is a 11 percent increase compared to the same quarter of last year. On the other hand, the number of passenger vehicles fell with three percent.

 Denmark extends navy support to Kenya
08-08-2018 10:00
Denmark is no longer part of the counter piracy operations in East Africa seeing as Nato has adjusted their operations in the waters, and we are also not part of EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) program. But that does not mean we do not help in other ways.

Maersk adjust expectations for 2018 result
07-08-2018 16:53
Based on the outlook for freight rates for the rest of the year and continued high bunker fuel prices, A.P. Møller – Mærsk adjusts its expectation for 2018. The new expectation is an EBITDA in the range of USD 3.5-4.2bn, compared to previous USD 4.0-5.0bn.
1,1 tonnes of cocaine found on Maersk ship
07-08-2018 12:00
The Colombian navy has seized 1144 packages that each contains 1 kilos of pure cocaine. The packages were found onboard the container ship Cap San Tainaro that is owned by German shipping company Hamburg Süd, which is part of Maersk Line.
Unifeeder sold to DP World for 4,9 bn kr.
07-08-2018 10:00
Danish shipping company Unifeeder has been sold to the port owner company DP World for a sum of 660 million Euros, which is equivalent to 4,9 billion Danish kroner. Unifeeder operates a long list of feeder routes in Europe, while DP World, which is headquartered in Dubai, operates 78 ports on a global scale.
Cargoship pulled free from shoal in Øresund
06-08-2018 12:00
On Sunday afternoon, two tugboats pulled the Dutch cargo ship that went aground free from the ocean ground in the city of Råå south of Helsingborg on the Swedish coast of Øresund. The ship is now in Helsingborg where it is being retained by the Swedish authorities.
 Floating power station is filled with uranium
06-08-2018 10:00
The floating Russian nuclear power station, Akademik Lomonosov, which was the topic of conversation back in May, as it was towed from Saint Petersburg to Murmansk via Danish waters, is now being supplied with uranium, used as fuel in the two reactors of the plant.

 Hempel Sailing World Championships 2018
05-08-2018 10:00
The Danish city of Aarhus hosts the Hempel Sailing World Championships 2018 for all 10 Olympic sailing classes plus Kitesurfing. It is one of the largest sporting events ever in Denmark. During the event, Aarhus will be buzzing with excitement.

Risk Intelligence oversubscribed
03-08-2018 10:00
The subscription period of Risk Intelligence A/S new issue of a maximum of DKK 12 million prior to listing on Spotlight Stock Market was completed this week. Risk Intelligence received subscription for a total of approximately DKK 45.6 million including subscription commitments.
Makassar Highway has reached Oskarshamn
02-08-2018 12:00
Thursday morning, the damaged car vehicle Makassar Highway is being towed into the port of Oskarhamn, where a large enviromnetal crew awaits the vessel. The towing process was completed without to many difficulties.
Unifeeder expands in the North Sea
02-08-2018 10:00
From August 15, Unifeeder will expand its list of routes in the North Sea with a direct connection from Antwerp and Dunkerque to Teesport and Grangemouth. The aim of the new route is to create an alternative to the busy traffic surrounding Rotterdamn.
Caos on ferry car deck preceding engine fail
01-08-2018 12:00
17 cars collided on a ferry car deck when one of the two main engines on Villum Clausen’s suddenly went out, as the express ferry was on a crossing from Ystad to Rønne last tuesday. A single passenger experienced minor injuries.
 Vehicle carrier being towed to Oskarhamn
01-08-2018 10:00
The damaged Japanese vehicle carrier Makassar Highway is currently being towed to Oskarshamn. The towing started at 21.51 Tuesday evening, and kept going throughout the night. The vessel is leaking oil but the following ships are gathering the emissions.

 Hafnia enters sale-and-leaseback deal
31-07-2018 12:00
SHORT NEWS: Hafnia Tankers has sold their LR1 tankers Hafnia Asia and Hafnia Arctic to Sole Shipping Special Opportunities Fund II, only to lease the ships back on a 7-year contract. The sale improves Hafnia's liquidity by 17 million dollars

New diving investigation of vehicle carrier
31-07-2018 10:00
Divers from the rescue company will conduct new investigations of the Japanese vehicle carrier that went aground on the Swedish east coast last week. The investigations will determine the necessary measurements for the ship to be towed into port without causing further pollution.
New troubles surrounding tanker in Aalbæk bugt
30-07-2018 12:00
19 Russian sailors, who have been onboard a Turkish tanker located in Aalbæk Bugt, have not received payment for a period of five months. ITF wants to take up the case, but in order to do so they need power of attorney from the crewmembers.
Vehicle carrier is unexpectedly off grounds
30-07-2018 10:00
Heavy winds caused the unexpected as the Japanese vehicle carrier Makassar Highway that ran aground pulled away from rock grounds, on the night to Sunday. The ship is now floating and anchored, but the ship has released large amounts of fuel oil which has reached the coast. This has caused an extensive environmental effort on the scene.
220 ships scrapped in second quarter
27-07-2018 12:00
Short News: An inventory done by NGO Ship breaking Platform last week shows that 220 ships were scrapped on a global scale in the second quarter of 2018. 169 of these ships were scrapped on the notorious beaches of Asia, where the safety level is generally very low.
 Express ferry service shuts down
27-07-2018 10:00
The owner of the summer route between Aarhus and Samsø has decided to throw in the towel. This decision is the result of a further evaluation of the head engine that broke last week, as the evaluation shows that their is most likely a hidden error in the engine.

 Vehiclecarrier more damaged than assumed
26-07-2018 12:00
A new video recording done by an underwater robot shows that the damages done to the aground vehicle carrier Makassar Highway are more severe than previously assumed. Amongst the damages are leaks in multiple fuel tanks, though these damages causes seawater to enter the tanks and does not cause oil to leak from the tanks.

Ferry out of service due to vandalism
26-07-2018 10:00
The ferry service sailing on Randers Fjord between Udbyhøj South and Udbyhøj Nord was exposed to vandalism. The vandalism executed by two men triggered the ferry’s rescue fleet Wednesday. The ferry is not allowed to sail without the safety equipment in order and the ferry is therefore out of service, Randers Fjord Ferry Service informs on their Facebook page.
Russian harrasment in the Zea of Azov
25-07-2018 12:00
The cold war between Russia and Ukraine continues to show its presence after the World Cup in Russia has ended. Recently, the Russian Coast Guard for no apparent reason has detained a Dutch cargo ship heading to a Ukrainian port.
Sailors are saving hundreds from fires
25-07-2018 10:00
Greek ships have saved hundreds of people who have escaped to ocean to avoid the extreme forest fires that are currently haunting the many dry areas of Greece. The forest fires have cost at least 77 lives so far.
E-ferry Ellen delayed by 3 months
24-07-2018 10:00
It will be another three months before the E-ferry Ellen is ready for service. This means that the electricity ferry is expected to sail on the Søby - Fynshav route during the first quarter of 2019 according to the current project plan.
 Issehoved out of service for a week
23-07-2018 12:00
The new express ferry route between Samsø and Aargus, Issehoved, has once again been struck by bad luck. This time it is the main engine that has broke, and therefore the ferry is expected to be out of service for the rest of this week. The engine broke as the ferry had departed Samsø on Sunday morning, and arrived at the harbour at 14.15 o’clock after a long delay.

 Horn Rev 3’s first wind turbine installed
23-07-2018 10:00
The first out of the 49 MHI Vestas 8.3MW wind turbines that makes for the Horn Rev 3 offshore wind farm is now in place. With its total capacity of 406 MW, Horn Rev 3 will produce enough power to supply 425.000 Danish homes.

Scandlines Berlin ferry is back in operation
20-07-2018 12:00
On Thursday night at 11.45 pm, Scandlines Berlin ferry returned to its ferry route that sails between Gedser and Rostock, after spending three days at Fayard shipyard. The ferry was sent to the shipyard after a period of experiencing vibrations that could not be explained.
New shipping route to Hirtshals
19-07-2018 12:00
The Norwegian family owned shipping company Egil Ulvan AS will be launching a shipping route between Denmark and Norway with Blue Water Shipping as Danish sales agent. Plans for the future of the route includes a weekly stop in Danish fishing village Hirtshals.
New Chinese tanker company is on its way
18-07-2018 12:00
The Chinese company which only a handful of people have heard of - Baota Petrochemical Group – is allegedly about to have a major impact on the tanker shipping market. According to Chinese media, the company has made long contract deals regarding chartering between 50 and 60 product tankers.
TS TECH acquires Hanstholm Elektronik
17-07-2018 12:00
TS TECH has been developing rapidly for a number of years, and with the acquisition of Hanstholm Elektronik, TS TECH becomes one of the largest actors in the country when it comes to electricity and electronics services for wind, industry, marine and offshore.
 Maersk Drilling secures two contract
13-07-2018 12:00
Maersk Resolute has been awarded a 56-day contract extension by Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V., continuing its work in the Dutch Sector of the North Sea where it has drilled multiple wells since commencing operations in June 2017.

 Maersk Broker: Very active first half of 2018
12-07-2018 12:00
The first half of 2018 has been very active indeed for Maersk Broker. Most of the main tonnage segments are still faced with considerable challenges, and Maersk Brokers role – and ambitions – are clearly to improve our engagement and service to the extent that they can qualify as partners and consultants.

MAN propulsion for LNG-Containerships
11-07-2018 12:00
MAN Energy Solutions has won the order to provide the propulsion systems for 2 × 2,525-teu containership newbuildings, which will join the fleet of Pasha Hawaii, the U.S. Jones Act carrier in the Hawaii trade lane.
Another shipping company cut ties with Iran
10-07-2018 11:00
Due to USA’s threatening sanctions against Iran, French shipping company CMA CMG has decided to pull the plug on their shipping routes to the country. Earlier this year in May, Maersk Line announced that they were stopping their operations in the country.
New Samsø ferry requires 5-7 million dkr
09-07-2018 08:00
A new express route sailing between Aarhus and Samsø requires an annual grant of a number between 4.7 and 7 million. This is the conclusion of a the market research that the municipality of Samsø requested, in order to determine whether Samsø should have another sailing route.
Fire on windmill ship in Esbjerg
06-07-2018 13:00
10 people have been hospitalized due to a case of smoke poisoning, which occurred due to a fire that broke out on a windmill ship in the port of Esbjerg, this morning informs the police of South and South Jutland. Several helicopters were called to the scene.
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