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New wave energy plant coming to Sæby
New wave energy plant coming to Sæby
27-02-2017 12:00
Ever since the turn of the century, a team led by the late inventor Henning Pilgaard has worked to create a new Danish wave energy plant - Crestwing. The first half-scale plant is planned to be launched in the autumn.

Ocean-wind beat all records Wednesday
24-02-2017 12:00
On Wednesday, Danish wind farms produced enough electricity to cover 104 percent of the country's energy consumption. Thereby, Denmark tops the list of countries with the highest proportion of energy from offshore wind on a windy day in Europe.
Danes will discuss offshore wind in Japan
21-02-2017 10:00
In late February and early March, Japanese professionals in wind power will meet with a delegation of Danish offshore investors, developers and manufacturers within the wind industry. Participants will discuss how Japan can take advantage of the Danish experience on offshore wind turbines.
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Siemens secure substantial contract
19-02-2017 10:00
For the first time ever, Siemens Wind Power will provide a complete wind farm solution, including foundations for the EnBW Hohe See offshore project. Hohe See's owner EnBW has now taken a final investment decision for its 497 megawatt wind farm.
DONG start Walney Extension
16-02-2017 12:00
DONG Energy will start construction of the 660 MW Walney Extension wind farm in Cumbria next week with the initial installation work on the seabed. To mark the launch, the developer has allocated 300.000 GBP to support and develop the commercial fishery in the eastern Irish Sea.
 State revenue from North Sea was halved
13-02-2017 10:00
The low oil prices in 2015 meant that state revenues from the North Sea was halved to around 9,3 billion kroner, according to the financial statement, the DEA announced today. It is a halving of revenue from 2014, when revenue was approximately at 18,8 billion kroner.

 Maersk Drilling changes management
06-02-2017 10:00
Maersk Drilling has appointed Lars Østergaard as new CCO. He replaces Ana Zambelli, who is leaving the company, says Maersk Drilling in a statement.

Goldman Sachs sells out of DONG shares
04-02-2017 10:00
DONG Energy A/S has received information that New Energy Investment S.à.r.l. (NEI) has initiated an accelerated bookbuilding offering to institutional investors of 26,5 million existing shares in DONG Energy, which corresponds to 6,3 percent of the outstanding shares.
New turbines should support Vestas growth
30-01-2017 10:00
Two new turbine models will support Vestas' strong position in the US. The US market accounted for 35 percent of all Vestas' announced orders in 2016 and the new types must bring the cost of wind production down.
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The Danish offshore took a hard hit
29-01-2017 10:00
The Danish offshore shipping companies have taken a hard hit by the downturn in the industry, and had to say goodbye to 275 employees last year. Berlingske Business states this. A key player in the market expects that there will be more bankruptcies this year.
Vestas turbine smashes production record
26-01-2017 12:00
The world's most powerful wind turbine has again smashed the record for electricity over 24 hours. It is the upgrade of MHI Vestas 8 MW turbine, which under special conditions can manage to produce 9 MW per hour on average over 24 hours. 24-hour production was 216 MWh.
 Large round of layoffs at Bladt Industries
25-01-2017 12:00
Bladt Industries, headquartered in Aalborg are on their way to fire up to 230 employees. 90 permanent employees equivalent to 15 percent will be fired. Around 140 non-permanent employees won't have their contracts extended when they expire.

 Maersk Drilling ensures new contract
24-01-2017 12:00
Maersk Drilling has ensured a contract with Petrogas E&P Netherlands BV for the jack-up rig Maersk Resolute. The contract includes drilling of two wells, A8 and A9 in the A12 block in the Dutch Continental Shelf. The task is estimated to take 75 days. The contract includes an option for up to five additional wells.

DONG divestment of Oil & Gas this year
21-01-2017 10:00
In connection with the interim report for the first nine months of 2016, DONG Energy announced the launch of a process intended to ultimately divest its operations in exploration and production of oil and gas. Now the company claims the sale will take place in 2017.
Wind turbines taller than the Eiffel Tower
17-01-2017 12:00
The Danish government has presented a plan for the establishment of giant wind turbines, which with their 330 meters will be taller than the Eiffel Tower. The proposal will now be discussed in conciliation. The industry cheers as the Nature Conservation Association remains skeptical.
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MHI Vestas lands its largest order to date
16-01-2017 10:00
MHI Vestas will be busy at Lindø. The company has landed a record order from DONG Energy to supply 56 V164-8.0 MW wind turbines to be installed in the wind farm Borkum Riffgrund 2. The turbines are the largest wind turbines in German waters.
DONG takes over the operation of Lincs
14-01-2017 10:00
DONG Energy has signed a long-term contract on the operation and maintenance of the wind farm Lincs, which is a 270 MW offshore wind farm off the North East Lincolnshire in eastern England. The wind farm has been in operation since August 1, 2013
 Siemens Wind Power fires 150 employees
12-01-2017 12:00
Siemens Wind Power has started a savings plan and it will claim the jobs of 150 employees at Siemens blade factory in Aalborg. The first 75 employees will leave the factory on February 1, the last with effect from April 1. TV2 Nord claims this.

 North Sea negotiations put on hold
11-01-2017 12:00
Uncertainty about the Tyra field's future is the reason that protracted negotiations between Maersk and DONG, on Maersk's possible purchase of DONG's oil and gas activities in the North Sea, has been put on hold. Berlingske Business states this.

Maersk Oil Denmark fires 160 employees
09-01-2017 12:00
Maersk Oil's Danish branch makes cuts during Q1 organization with up to 160 positions - equivalent to more than 10 percent of the workforce. The employees of Maersk Oil Danish Business Unit will now be assembled in Esbjerg.
Maersk Drilling hires SubC for inspections
04-01-2017 12:00
The Danish specialist in offshore underwater inspections SubC Partner, has signed a three-year framework agreement with Maersk Drilling to conduct offshore ROV inspections of Maersk's drilling rigs worldwide.
New large offshore wind order for Vestas
16-12-2016 10:00
The world's most powerful wind turbine has been selected for Belgium's largest offshore wind farm of approximately 370 MW. Norther N.V. has decided to implement the Norther project. MHI Vestas Offshore Wind will supply 44 units of V164-8.4 MW wind turbines for the largest Belgian offshore project.
DONG enter American partnership
16-12-2016 08:00
DONG Energy has partnered with New England's largest energy company Eversource Energy, which bought 50% of Bay State Wind to develop the project jointly. The project can potentially develop into a total capacity of at least two gigawatts.
 Large offshore turbine order awaits Vestas
14-12-2016 10:00
Yesterday, the Dutch government announced that a consortium of Shell, Van Oord, Eneco and Mitsubishi/DGE won the second Borssele bidding round. The consortium revealed that the preferred supplier for wind turbines is MHI Vestas Offshore Wind.

 BP drilling for more gas in the North Sea
08-12-2016 10:00
BP has begun drilling for gas deep beneath an existing field in the UK North Sea. The drilling, which leads down to the new layer several hundred meters below the existing Ravenspurn field, breathes new life into the aging field.

Vestas will supply China's tallest turbines
07-12-2016 10:00
Vestas has received a Chinese order from Titan Wind Energy 80 MW distributed on 40 V110-2,0 MW turbines for a project in Licun Town, Heze City in the Shandong province in eastern China. The order includes a two-year service contract. The turbines will be the tallst in China with their 137 meters.
DONG signs contract with DeepOcean
05-12-2016 10:00
DeepOcean has secured a contract with DONG Energy for cable installation and trenching work for DONG Energy's Hornsea Project One wind farm. Work will be completed in 2018/2019. DeepOcean must install and bury 93 array kable with a total length of 203 km.
Bladt reveals Arkona transition piece
29-11-2016 08:00
Bladt Industries in Aalborg has published a picture of one of the 60 transition pieces, the company will manufacture for the Arkona wind farm. EEW SPC delivers 60 monopiles for the project and Bladt delivers the transition pieces. Both companies began work on the project in August.
Maersk Oil cancels two North Sea licenses
24-11-2016 12:00
According to North Sea Energy, Maersk Oil has decided not to renew Bagpuss and Blofeld Licence P. 1943 in the UK North Sea. After Premier Oil decided to withdraw from the Bagpuss license in the North Sea in September, the time has now come for Maersk Oil to do the same.
 Fire at platform has been extinguished
23-11-2016 10:00
A fire on a semi-submersible drilling rig in the North Sea has been extinguished according to Statoil. The fire in an engine room aboard the Scarabeo 5 started around 17:30 local time on Tuesday. They managed to extinguish it after three hours and there are no reports of any casualties.

 Burbo Bank Extension delivers electricity
20-11-2016 10:00
For the first time electricity has been produced at DONG Energy's offshore wind farm Burbo Bank Extension. It is the first time that the latest generation, 8 MW offshore wind turbines from Vestas MHI, has been used commercially offshore, and the first electricity is an important step in the project.

Siemens Wind increased profits
11-11-2016 10:00
Siemens Wind Power and Renewables recorded a 84 percent increase in profit in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2016 despite a decrease in orders of 56 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2015. The result was 132 million euros compared to 72 million euros in the same quarter of 2015.
South Arne production permit extended
17-10-2016 10:00
The Danish Energy Authority has extended the license to produce oil and gas from the South Arne field with 20 years until 2047. This means that Hess and the other companies in the license can invest in the most optimal recovery, ensuring the state maximum income and creating jobs and growth in Denmark.
MHI Vestas hires new employees
06-10-2016 12:00
MHI Vestas has hired 500 new employees in the past seven months, so now the company has more than 1,300 employees in total. It will especially benefit Nakskov. Here, 170 new jobs have been established and 70 more are expected before the end of the year.
Siemens turbine knocked out by Vestas
28-09-2016 08:00
LEEDCo, developer of North America's first freshwater offshore wind farm, has decided that it will use 6 MHI Vestas Offshore Winds 3.45 MW wind turbines for its Icebreaker project. Previously it was Siemens 3 MW offshore wind turbine, which had been chosen.
 Vestas heading towards large offshore order
27-09-2016 08:00
The developer of the 252-MW Deutsche Bucht offshore wind project in the German North Sea has selected MHI Vestas as the preferred supplier of wind turbines. The farm will have V164-8.0 MW turbines. The agreement also includes a 15-year full service contract.

 Offshore tax in budget negotiations
24-09-2016 08:00
During the negotiations on the future finance bill the Conservatives will require that the sailor tax should apply to offshore ships. S and V, find the proposal sympathetic, but will discuss financing. Good news if no jobs should be dropped, says Danish Shipowners' Association.

Oil missing in the 2025 plan
18-09-2016 08:00
In the 2025 plan, which the government has submitted there no signs of improved framework conditions for oil and gas production. It is not good enough, says the Conservatives, who want better framework conditions for oil and gas production involved in the negotiations.
Vestas change message policy
14-09-2016 08:00
From today, September 14, Vestas will change the limit for the supply and service orders that are published to the market via company announcements, to 300 MW and 300 million EUR from 200 MW and over 200 million and above for firm and unconditional orders.
Industry promises cheap offshore turbines
12-09-2016 12:00
The wind industry has presented a savings catalog that will cut 2,2 billion kroner off the price of the wind farm Kriegers Flak. In total, the saving proposals will mean savings of 7,3 billion kroner. The proposals are the industry's attempts to save the coastal wind farms, which the government is willing to drop.
First wind turbine up at Burbo Bank
09-09-2016 08:00
On September 8, 2016 Sea Installer and her crew installed the first turbine at DONG Energy's Burbo Bank Extension. This is the first time ever the currently largest wind turbine on the market, MHI Vestas 164-8 MW, has been installed.
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