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Maritime certificates can be checked online
Maritime certificates can be checked online
20-12-2016 12:00
The Danish Maritime Authority is launching a digital solution to verify the validity of seafarers' certificates. With the new solution, anyone can check whether a certificate (STCW) is genuine. Further, the validity and what functions the certificate qualifies are disclosed.

Final exam at skipper school
18-12-2016 10:00
On Friday, 36 students at Skagen Skipper School finished their final exams. The completion differed from previous ones, as the school had a class of shipmasters graduate for the first time.
Erria focuses on service and management
04-12-2016 10:00
Erria has bought Saigon Shipping J/S Company Ltd.'s 49 percent share of Erria Container Services Ltd. and thus receives full ownership of the company, which Erria has owned 51 percent of since 2013. The purchase price was 3,4 million kroner
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Blue Water starts the potato season
30-11-2016 12:00
Blue Water Brest is pleased to note that the season for potatoes has begun once again. Although with a few weeks delay compared to previous years. Despite this delay and a difficult market, Blue Water Brest stays positive.
SIMAC initiate American cooperation
14-11-2016 12:00
Mutual exchange of knowledge, skills and students is now possible with the cooperation SIMAC has just signed with Maritime College, State University of New York (SUNY), which has 1,800 students.
 Accident report on fishing boat
13-11-2016 12:00
On April 23, 2016 the Danish fishing boat Christina Maiken capsized and sank in the Swedish part of the Kattegat while the ship was on its way to a fishing spot by the Oslo Fjord mouth. The two crew members were rescued by the fishing vessel Bjarke, which was in the vicinity.

 Knud E. Hansen designs ferries for India
11-11-2016 12:00
Knud E. Hansen has entered into a collaboration with Indian Smart Engineering & Design Solutions (India) to deliver two new ship designs, where there will be built two ships of each design. All four ships will be built at Cochin Shipyard in India and will sail under the Indian flag.

Blue Water starts the potato season
30-10-2016 12:00
Blue Water Brest is pleased to note that the season for potatoes has begun once again. Although with a few weeks delay compared to previous years. Despite this delay and a difficult market, Blue Water Brest stays positive.
The future of ship inspection
21-10-2016 12:00
In connection with the Danish Maritime Fair, the Danish Maritime Authority organizes an exciting workshop on future ship inspection under the title "Ship Inspection in the future - or Safety Certification". Jan Fritz Hansen, Thomas Mørk and Øssur Hilduberg will participate
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Maritime board game is a hit
08-10-2016 08:00
The Blue Denmark recruitment campaign World Careers has developed a game for the public schools, where you have to manage a worldwide shipping company. Over 400 primary school pupils have already signed up to try out the new board game "Seven Seas" and the enthusiasm is high among the students who have tried it.
Students must solve the sulfur challenge
05-10-2016 08:00
DTU, Boeing Group, the Danish Maritime Authority and the Environmental Protection Agency have joined forces to address the global challenge of sulfur enforcement. With support from the Danish Maritime Fund there will be held a student competition at DTU in the spring of 2017.
 Simac and Dong collaborate on education
01-10-2016 08:00
Simac Training and Dong Energy Wind Power are cooperating on an education of marine and helicopter coordinators for offshore wind farms. Simac assist with the training of "Marine & Helicopter Coordinators" for Dong's future MHCC in Grimsby.

 Blue Water gets new Kazakhstan contract
26-09-2016 08:00
Tengizchevroil (TCO) has taken advantage of an option to have another two specially designed MCV vessels (Module Carrier Vessels) delivered to the TCO FGP project. They are scheduled for delivery in Q2 2018. The contract value is more than 40 million dollars.

OSK-ShipTech celebrates 50th anniversary
13-09-2016 12:00
On Friday, September 16, OSK-Ship Tech A/S can celebrate half a century as maritime consultants. It has also been a journey of evolution from a company that was founded and headed by a single man into a growing organization.
DMI and Weilbach in new collaboration
29-08-2016 12:00
The Danish supplier of nautical charts and publications for more than 250 years – Weilbach - has entered into a contract with DMI, The Danish Meteorological Institute. This has resulted in a new digital product, WENDIS Weather, which provides the world’s merchant navy with precise and updated weather data
Maersk Training gets certificate training
13-07-2016 12:00
Following the release of Basic Maintenance Training (BMT) Standard from Global Wind Organisation (GWO) of 4 July 2016, Veritas, DNV GL, has approved Maersk Training in Esbjerg as the first organization that makes it possible to complete all three modules in the new standard.
Blue Waters largest wind project in Asia
09-07-2016 12:00
The design phase for White Rock wind farm in Australia was officially launched in May 2016. Blue Water Shipping will transport the 70 x 2.5 MW Goldwind G121 turbines to be installed in the park. Blue Water's office in Singapore is responsible for the task.
 Transformer units sent to Horns Rev 3
29-06-2016 12:00
Everything went according to plan when Blue Water loaded three transformer units in the port of Esbjerg. Now, they are installed at the Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm in the North Sea to ensure that the electrical power is distributed.

 Danish ships get digital certificates
24-06-2016 08:00
As one of the first countries in the world, Denmark ends a 100 year old tradition to certify ships using old-fashioned paper certificates on June 24. From now on, the certifications will be digital.

Blue Water receives large logistics contract
05-06-2016 12:00
The Danish company DEIF which produces environmentally friendly energy management devices, has signed a logistics contract with Blue Water. In the future, Blue Water will handle approximately 15,000 shipments a year that will be distributed globally
DSA launches new theme page
02-05-2016 12:00
With a new website - www.navigatingresponsibly.dk - The Danish Shipowners' Association focus on how the shipping industry works to limit the load on the environment and climate in a number of areas.
Maritime Denmark media partner for MSSM
28-04-2016 12:00
The Conference Secretariat behind the annual conference on maritime safety, health and environment (MSSM) has selected Maritime Denmark as its media partner for the marketing of the conference, which takes place at Hotel Nyborg Strand on August 25 - 26.
Knud E. Hansen wins international award
16-04-2016 12:00
At the 14th annual ferry shipping conference, the award ShipPax Award 2015 was awarded to Knud E. Hansen for the design of CONRO vessel Atlantic Star. The ship is designed with a ro/ro area in the middle of the ship and space for containers on both ends of the ship.
 Fund has awarded almost half a billion kr.
10-04-2016 12:00
The Danish Maritime Fund has since its inception in 2006 awarded a total of 431 million kroner in support to 532 projects. Of this, 332 million kroner has been awarded to charitable causes and 99 million kroner to business purposes in the form of special loans.

 Engineer school increases numbers
02-04-2016 12:00
The Minister of Research and education Ulla Tørnæs gave Fredericia Maskinmesterskole permission to increase the number of admitted students to the program in Esbjerg this year. The education is popular and that it leads to jobs.

2015 was challenging for the DMA
15-03-2016 12:00
2015 was a busy year for the Danish Maritime Authority, that reached many achievements, ranging from growth to safety. This is according to the Danish Maritime Authority's annual report, which has just been published. Despite difficult market conditions for the industry, the gross tonnage of Danish ship registries grew and 2015 was a good year for safety on Danish ships.
More charges in OW Bunker case
03-03-2016 12:00
The police has pressed charges against several former executives of OW Bunker. There has thus been pressed charges against former CEO Jim Pedersen and former CFO Morten Skou and Lars Møller, who was head of the Singapore subsidiary Dynamic Oil Trading.
International award for Danish researchers
17-11-2015 12:00
At a meeting on Monday, Nov. 16 in Skibsteknisk Selskab and IDA Maritime, Trevor Blakeley, president of the Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (CEMT), presented the annual CEMT award given for outstanding contributions to the European maritime industry.
OW Bunker curators win important test case
27-10-2015 12:00
In the Court of Appeal in London, the curators of OW Bunker, have won an important test case on the ownership of the oil OW Bunker sold around the time of the bankruptcy. This is according to a decision that TV2/Finance has in its possession.
 ATPI Griffinstone signs agreement on DMF
07-10-2015 12:00
At DMF, ATPI Griffinstone who arranges travels within the marine and energy sectors, has entered an exclusive agreement with A/S Frichs so that ATP Griffinstone will conduct all business trips for the company in the future.

 New structure in Maritime Denmark
17-09-2015 08:00
The international maritime exhibition, Danish Maritime Fair, has been so successful that it now represents a significant part of the Media Group Maritime Denmark's activities. As a consequence, the Media Group now changes its structure and add a new partner.

Shipowners beef up presence in Brussels
04-09-2015 08:00
The Danish Shipowners’ Association has decided to increase its presence by hiring a new EU Policy Advisor, bringing the representation’s headcount up to four. Tina Juul Vestergaard is new EU Policy Advisor in the DSA's representation in Brussels.
Graduation for shipping trainees
13-06-2015 08:00
33 shipping trainees have completed the Danish Shipowners' Association international shipping education and were celebrated at the graduation on Friday, June 12. The 33 shipping trainees began the program The Commercial Shipping Programme in 2013 and have now completed the two-year course.
BWS part of Greenlandic mining adventure
07-06-2015 08:00
Blue Water is to transport equipment for building Aappaluttoq Ruby and Pink Sapphire Project in Greenland. Aappaluttoq means "Red Mountain". It is an important mining project that creates jobs for the local service providers and contributes positively to the economy of Greenland.
Foundations support Maritime Days
03-06-2015 08:00
Six maritime funds as well as the Business and Growth Ministry have pledged financial support to the Danish Maritime Days, which takes place from 5 to 9 October. Thus, the A. P. Møller Support Fund, the Danish Maritime Fund, D/S Orients Fond/D/S Norden, Hempel Foundation, Lauritzen Foundation and Torm Foundation all decided to support the Danish Maritime Days 2015.
 Blue Water manages logistics for Semco
01-06-2015 08:00
Blue Water recently signed a contract with Semco Maritime logistics support for the construction of a new power plant in Panama. The oil and gas division in Blue Water will provide storage and transport solutions from many places in the world to the power plant.

 Endofa expands with office in Denmark
13-05-2015 08:00
The Bunker Company Endofa has opened an office in Tuborg Harbour in Denmark on May 11. It is because of increased trade and the desire for physical presence close to customers. Endofa which is headquartered in Dubai already has offices in Houston and Nice.

STCW certificates renewed before 2017
10-05-2015 08:00
On 1 January 2017, all seafarers must have the competency to meet the new STWC rules. The new training requirements do not mean significant changes for the issuance of certificates valid for merchant ships since the Danish maritime training programs already fulfills the new requirements.
Single Window is delayed
08-05-2015 12:00
The EU project Single Window is a tool that will reduce the amount of paper work associated with ship berthings. There is a deadline on the project on June 1, but although work is underway, the project partners will not be finished on time.
Danish-Brazilian cooperation extended
04-05-2015 12:00
Denmark and Brazil are linked even closer through a seminar held in the Brazilian capital and through a new cooperation agreement. Danish shipping companies are annually providing services to Brazilian companies worth about five billion kroner, or as much as the total Danish export to Brazil.
Danish turbines for Dutch offshore park
27-04-2015 12:00
The Dutch wind turbine installation vessel Aeolus is on its way from Esbjerg to the offshore wind farm Eneco Luchterduinen, which is located 23 kilometers off the Dutch coast, with a cargo consisting of towers, nacelles, hubs and blades.
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