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Vestas has signed Russian order
Vestas has signed Russian order
22-11-2017 15:00
Together with OOO Fortum Energy, Vestas has signed the first order for delivery of turbines to the Russian market. The order includes 14 V126-3.6 MW turbines for an unnamed 50 MW project.

Lack of legal framework for unmanned ship
21-11-2017 13:00
Leaders in the maritime industry have expressed concern about the problem of who should be held responsible if an unmanned ship is involved in an accident due to cyber-attacks. The rules are simply not geared for the possibilities of the future.
Danske Rederier open Disruption Academy
20-11-2017 11:00
Danske Rederier, along with the consulting company DareDisrupt, has initiated a new academy for employees in the shipping companies. The academy, which will be settled in early 2018, will keep Danish shipping at the forefront of digital development and the latest technological trends.
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Danish Shipping adjusts organization
17-11-2017 15:00
Danske Rederier will focus more on research policy, digitalization, competencies and education policy in the coming years, thus creating a new department for Business Development and Communication and appointing two deputy directors as directors who will become part of the management.
Nordseth new chairman of EMSA
17-11-2017 09:00
The Board of the EU Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has just elected the Director of the Danish Maritime Authority, Andreas Nordseth, as its new chairman. Admiral Nicola Carlone, Italy, was elected Vice-President.
 Globalization challenges the Blue Denmark
16-11-2017 16:00
Jeffrey Saunders from the Institute of Future Research is one of the main speakers at the Blue Denmark Maritime Conference at Christiansborg. He gave the 100 participants an insight into the rapid globalization and its importance to shipping and the Danish maritime industry.

 Recruitment: Maritime industry is too negative
16-11-2017 15:00
Too many negative messages from and about the maritime industry have helped to scare the young people away. "Instead, we should point out all the positive things in the maritime industry in order to attract young people," John Ibsen, Metal Maritime, stated at today's maritime conference at Christiansborg.

Danish focus on autonomous shipping
15-11-2017 10:00
The Maritime Authority's Conference on Autonomous Ships focuses strongly on the possibilities of utilizing new technology on ships. The Danish Maritime Authority can take the next step in the effort to create a safe, secure framework for the utilization of new technology in shipping.
Autonomous ships are already a reality
14-11-2017 12:00
More than 200 maritime stakeholders from around the world are gathered in Copenhagen on Tuesday to be informed about and discuss autonomous shipping. The director of the Danish Maritime Authority Andreas Norseth concluded from the conference that autonomous ships are not a future vision - it is already a reality.
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Danish-Ghanaian cooperation on safety
10-11-2017 13:00
Denmark and Ghana have initiated a maritime government cooperation, which will contribute to increased maritime safety and develop the maritime sector in Ghana. In this connection, the Danish Maritime Authority has had five Ghanaian ship inspectors visiting this week.
The DMA has moved into Korsør
10-11-2017 13:00
The Minister of Business invokes the Danish Maritime Authority's new headquarters in Korsør alongside the mayor of Slagelse and the director of Danske Rederier. The Danish Maritime Authority's relocation to Korsør is part of the government's plan for relocating government jobs.
 The state will sell ishares in Danske Færger
01-11-2017 13:00
As part of a larger divestment of government assets, the state has put 50 percent of Danske Færger up for sale. The company operates five domestic ferries, and two routes from Bornholm to Sweden and Germany, InsideBusiness wrote.

 Danske Maritime against small climate goals
25-10-2017 14:00
Danske Maritime believes that there is no technical excuse for small climate ambitions. Danish maritime technology can meet high international climate requirements for shipping. It's just about getting started, says Danske Maritime.

MHI Vestas tests mega-turbine in the USA
25-10-2017 12:00
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind and Clemson University in South Carolina have agreed to test the world's most powerful offshore wind turbine, V164-9.5MW. Test and verification of the wind turbine gearbox and main bearings are carried out at the university's 15 MW test bench.
IMO puts sulfur ban on the agenda
24-10-2017 13:00
A proposal from Maersk Line to prohibit ships without scrubbers to have bunker oil with a sulfur content of more than 0,5% on board, will now be discussed in IMO until February. A ban will make it easier to check whether the new global sulfur requirement, which goes into force from 2020, is being respected by all.
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Denmark is green exception in critical report
23-10-2017 13:00
Danske Rederier and Maersk are highlighted as green exceptions in a critical report on how the shipping organizations, Bimco, ICS and WSC, have managed IMO and avoided or delayed reduction of greenhouse gases in shipping.
Shipowners want clear climate strategy from IMO
23-10-2017 12:00
During the last round of negotiations in July, the IMO countries adopted a seven-point plan for the content of the climate strategy. This week, the next round of negotiations begins. Danske Rederier expect that the main focus will be what the ambition level should be for ships’ CO2 reductions.
 Construction of Horns Rev 3 has started
20-10-2017 13:00
Construction work at Denmark's largest wind farm Horns Rev 3 has begun. The project started with Vattenfall's installation of the first of a total of 49 foundations in the North Sea. When the wind farm is completed, it will supply enough energy to cover 425,000 Danish households.

 Danish maritime advances on the world list
19-10-2017 14:00
Denmark has managed to advance on the list of the largest maritime nations in 2017. A total tonnage of over 60 million gross tons, BT, places Denmark as number seven on the world ranking of maritime nations, measured on operating tonnage. Thus, Denmark has overtaken South Korea.

More new engineers from Copenhagen
17-10-2017 12:00
The engineers' union president Per Jørgensen wants to double the number of students at the Copenhagen Engineer's School, after moving to the new facilities in Lyngby. The school's new building was officially opened on September 28 this year.
DNV GL introduces digital ship certificates
17-10-2017 11:00
As the first classification company in the world, DNV GL now introduces digital ship certificates across the entire fleet. The spread of digital certificates will result in significant efficiency benefits for shipping companies, charter companies, authorities and crews.
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Grounded ship is pulled free tonight
16-10-2017 16:00
The dry cargo ship Bornholm, which sailed aground in Randers Fjord at midnight, is attempted to be freed between 19 - 20 tonight, the Defense Forces Operations Center reports. The ship is detained and will be taken to Randers for further inspection.
New maritime agreement with Japan
12-10-2017 14:00
The bond between Denmark and Japan was further strengthened on Thursday as the two maritime nations signed a new maritime cooperation agreement. The agreement focuses on greener shipping, increased digitalization and better framework conditions. Those are positive moves for Danish shipping, Danske Rederier believes.
 Dansk Supermarked wants Maersk's shares
10-10-2017 10:00
Dansk Supermarked is ready to outbuy Maersk, Børsen writes. In 2015, A.P. Møller - Maersk sold almost 50 percent of shares to the two Salling funds that own Dansk Supermarked - with the option to buy the last 19 percent of the shares.

 New system ensures Esvagt's efficiency
09-10-2017 13:00
All Esvagt’s ships have now implemented the Sertica system. With the implementation of Sertica throughout the fleet, the shipping company now has the opportunity to streamline both procurement and maintenance. This will have a beneficial effect on quality, uptime and cost level.

BaltNav takes over Pioneer Marines ships
04-10-2017 13:00
The Danish transport company BaltNav, based in Copenhagen, is going to operate a number of dry cargo ships owned by Pioneer Marine. The number of vessels involved in the agreement was not published by the private equity-supported shipowner, which has a fleet of 16 handysize ships.
Protectionism threatens growth in Africa
04-10-2017 10:00
Industrialization, entrepreneurship and securing the best framework for growth and employment are on the program at the 'International Economic Forum on Africa', hosted by the OECD today. African protectionism, however, causes problems, Danske Rederier believes
Maersk awarded prestigious Grand Prix
30-09-2017 15:10
Maersk's online corporate branding campaign 'The Heart of Trade' has been awarded The Grand Prix award at the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. The campaign is a series of authentic films celebrating the everyday entrepreneur of this world as the true hero of global trade.
The sale of DONG Energy E&P is approved
29-09-2017 10:00
On May 24, 2017, DONG Energy announced that it had agreed to sell the entire share capital of DONG Energy's upstream oil and gas business, DONG Energy E&P A/S, to INEOS, and that the transaction was subject to a number of regulatory approvals.
 Shipping secure jobs outside the cities
28-09-2017 11:30
Shipping companies secure lots of jobs in the so-called outer and rural municipalities. This is shown in a new survey from Danske Rederier, which shows that 66 percent of the seafarers live in the 46 outer and rural municipalities, as defined by the Danish Commerce and Industry Agency.

 Blue Water Shipping helps hurricane victims
26-09-2017 10:30
Blue Water has assisted emergency services with supplies for thousands in the Caribbean after the hurricanes Irma and Mary. Blue Waters Emergency Aid team still works day and night with the logistical challenges of transporting tons of aids and materials.

Crisis meeting on fewer maritime students
22-09-2017 13:00
The cooperation must be strengthened in the maritime professions on the programs to ensure a greater intake of students. The number of young people looking for maritime education is dropping and that was the background for a meeting between the various actors from maritime education.
The Blue Denmark gets ambitious research
19-09-2017 14:00
Focus on digitization and new business models is at the heart of the work of the research and innovation project Blue INNOship II, which is now being initiated on the recommendation of the Maritime Growth Team. The project is important for competitiveness, the Danish Maritime Authority believes.
New Head of Commercial Wind in Esvagt
19-09-2017 11:00
With its unique SOV concepts, Esvagt has established itself as a market leader in innovative ship solutions for offshore wind. It is Esvagt's continued growth in the offshore wind market, which 43-year-old Rune Østergaard will be in charge of.
The Blue Denmark is still strong
15-09-2017 13:15
The Blue Denmark is Denmark's largest export business and accounts for almost a quarter of total Danish exports. Almost 100,000 people are employed in the Blue Denmark. This is shown in a new report prepared by the Danish Workers' Business Council for the Danish Maritime Authority.
 Autonomous ships require international rules
14-09-2017 14:00
The development of autonomous ships progresses faster than expected. It is shown in a report from Lloyd's Register, which was presented at the London Shipping Week this week. Already within the next couple of years, the first ships can be deployed. It requires international rules, says Danske Rederier.

 Blue Water gets CEO from Esvagt
08-09-2017 12:00
It will be 51-year-old managing director of Esvagt, Søren N. Thomsen, who will now be head of Blue Water Shipping. He replaces the company's founder, Kurt Skov, who has served as CEO since the beginning of 2016, when the then director resigned.

African protectionism raises concern
07-09-2017 13:15
Danish shipping is deeply dependent on international trade. That is why African countries setting up trade barriers raises concern at Danske Rederier. The EU should speak to the African countries, DanishShipping´s CEO stated at a seminar yesterday.
Scandlines is heading for a potential sale
07-09-2017 12:00
According to the Danish website Inside Business, the capital fund 3i is considering selling Scandlines. 3i allegedly looks for new owners of the company which the capital fund has owned for ten years. standby.dk stated this. The rumors are confirmed by Niels Smedegaard CEO in DFDS.
Danish interest in cruise holidays grows
06-09-2017 10:00
An international survey conducted by NBTS NIPO Research shows that 52 percent of Danes in the 30-65 age group are interested in a holiday on a cruise ship. The figure draws attention to the Italian cruise line Costa Cruises, which is behind the survey.
New Guide to the Ballast Water Convention
05-09-2017 14:00
The Ballast Water Convention will go into force on September 8, 2017 and all newly built ships must have a ballast water treatment plant. On existing ships, installations will be installed from September 8, 2019 to September 8, 2024. Danske Rederier will launch a new guide with good advice.
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