MHI Vestas and Esvagt in new SOV-contract

MHI Vestas and Esvagt in new SOV-contract

19-12-2018 12:00:00

The partnership between MHI Vestas and Esvagt continues with the construction of a new windmill ship that will be delivered in the beginning of 2021.With this order in place, Esvagt has five Service Operation Vessels (SOV) on contract with MHI Vestas in 2021. The ship will service Moray East offshore wind farm in the UK from 2021.

”We are happy to extend the close and vidorous partnership with MHI Vestas with another customized solution. It emphasizes both our position in the market and shows that MHI Vestas knows how to use the opportunities that Esvagt's unique SOV concept offers, "says CCO of Esvagt, Søren Karas.

Esvagt and MHI Vestas have worked together since 2008. This last year ’Esvagt Mercator’ has serviced MHI Vestas in the offshore wind farms Nobelwind and Belwind in Belgien, and in August 2019 a new SOV will launch a 15-year long contract with MHI Vestas in Deutsche Bucht Wind Farm in Germany.

In September 2018, MHI Vestas and Esvagt signed contracts for the delivery of two new windmill ships to the Borssele III-IV and Triton Knoll offshore wind farms. The contracts included the option for a third ship, which is now being taken advantage of. From 2021 and 15 years ahead, the new SOV will serve the Moray East offshore wind farm in the UK.

Esvagt designs and builds ships in cooperation with Havyard Ship Technology. The windmill ship for Moray East will just as the other two ships be a SOV in Havyards 831L-design which is 70 meters. It will be equipped with Esvagt’s unique Safe Transfer Boats STB 12 and STB 7 and have capacity for 60 people and is equipped a walk-to-work brigde.

The ship for Moray East is expected to be ready for chartering in February 2021.

Source: Esvagt / Maritime Danmark

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