Possible Sabotage on Flensborg Shipyard

Possible Sabotage on Flensborg Shipyard

29-10-2018 12:00:00

Flensborgs police department is investigating a case of possible sabotage on Flensborgs Shipyard’s ferry W.B. Yeats, which is in the midst of being build for The Irish Continental Group. The construction of the ferry has been severely delayed and is costing the shipyard a lot in daily fees.

The ferry, which was supposed to be delivered to the new owners in June, has still not been out for a sailing test. One of the reasons for this is that the main engine has been overheated because the engine was not cooled down with water during a trial start.

Now there is suspicion that the cooling water valve was purposely shut off.

”Everyone who works directly with the ferry has said that everything suggests a case of sabotage, that is why we have reported the case to the state prosecution” says a spokesperson for the shipyard to Flensborg Newspaper.

Police is investigating the case.

”We can not give away any information at this point because the case is under investigation” Police has told the newspaper.

The vessel is the largest ferry ever build in Flensborg and has cost 144 million Euros.

Source: Flensborg Avis / Maritime Danmark

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