Molslinjen takes over Færgen

Molslinjen takes over Færgen

25-10-2018 10:00:00

With the final signatures in place, the Government and Clipper Group have signed all their shares In Danish ferry company Færgen over to Molslinjen. This means that with their nine fery routes Molslinjen has now become Denmarks largest ferry company. Molslinjen will take over all of Færgen’s employees and ships.

“Each of these ferry routes provide mobility and cohesion on a daily basis in Denmark. Together with our employees, we are going to develope and create new activities on the ferry routes in order to maintain jobs and make sure these ferry routes will have an important role in the Danish infrastructure, also for the islands and local communities dependent on their ferry, "says CEO of Molslinjen, Carsten Jensen.

The takeover means that the route between Bøjden and Fynshav will be named Alslinjen, the route between Esbjerg and Fanø will change its name to Fanølinjen, the route between Spodsbjerg and Tårs will be named Langelandslinjen, and the route between Kalundborg and Ballen will change its name to Samsølinjen.

Employees and customers are not going to notice any major changes at first. But one significant change will happen very soon. The many people who have used Færgens routes have until now been able to get information and book their travels though one joint website. In the future each route will have its own website.

”By having one website for each route, we are making it more efficient and comprehendible for travelers to book a ticket. At the same time we are hoping that the websites will make more people want to visit the destinations”, says Carsten Jensen.

Molslinjen already operate routes between Aarhus and Odden, and betwen Ebeltoft and Odden in the Kattegat sea area, as well as three routes in Bornholm between Rønne and Ystad, Rønne and Køge, and Rønne and Sassnitz.

Source: Molslinjen / Maritime Danmark

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