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Tuco receives order for Multi-Mission boats

Tuco receives order for Multi-Mission boats

15-10-2018 12:00:00

Tuco Marine Group has signed a contract with Hovedstadens Beredskab I/S (The Capitols Emergency Agency Partnership) regarding 15-meter long ProZero Multi-Mission emergency boats. The boat is designed to quickly and effectively transport emergency staff and the newest equipment to places of emergency in Copenhagen as well as on nearby islands.

“We are very proud that the Capitols Emergency Agency Partnership has chosen us to build the new work boat. We have worked hard, and the signed contract is truly a reflection of the technology and the new products we have spent years on developing and refined” says Jonas Pedersen, CEO hos Tuco Marine

The hull is specially designed for two things. The first being the low draft which allows the boat to operate on all water depths, also where the crew faces the risk of going aground, and the other is comfort and course stability.

The boat is equipped with an IPS drive and a deep V-hull, which makes it very comfortable and durable for the sea. This enables rapid missions in all sorts of weather conditions. This is similar to the way that the efficient design supports extensive operations over long periods of time.

The advanced emergency equipment includes high-tech communication, fire fighting equipment and a built-in crane system built into the boat structure to handle the most unfavorable conditions.

The ProZero boats are made of lightweight materials that ensure low weight, high fuel efficiency and, therefore, low emissions of greenhouse gases. Because of this, the need for maintenance is also minimized. Due to its low weight and ProZero hull profile, the boat is capable of reaching speeds of more than 25 knots when fully loaded.

Source: Tuco Marine / Maritime Danmark

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