Ferries are to take pressure of highways

Ferries are to take pressure of highways

25-09-2018 10:00:00

Traffic jam on highways is one of the issues that politicians often struggle to deal with. In the future, shipping of goods should be more dominant on sea, in order to take the load of the roads. This is the opinion of several politicians who are dominant in the transport debate, as they view ferries to be part of the solution to the problem.

"We are facing challenges with congestion on our roads, which unfortunately often results in queues and waiting for the Danes. The ferries could therefore work as a way to transport the goods that the Danes need without creating congestion. Generally speaking, it is good to move the transportation of goods from land to sea as there is no congestion by sea, "says Rasmus Prehn, transport enthusiast from the Social Democrats’ Party.

Back in January 2018, the government introduced a maritime growth plan, in which one of the ambitions is to look into the options for moving transport from roads to sea. The economic upsurge in Denmark has led to more goods being transported, which leads to congestion on roads.

The same goes for transporting goods by sea. According to new numbers from Færgerederierne, 30 million tonnes of freight is transported annually for more than 400.000 transport kilometres.

”During the last two years the growth rate has been over five percent, so it is a major progress that we are seeing these years. This is great news that it is a political wish to move goods from the congested roads and onto ferries among other means of transportation,” says Jacob K. Classen, CEO of Færgerederierne.

Source: Danske rederier / Maritime Danmark

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