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Criticism in case of forced maritime labor

Criticism in case of forced maritime labor
Lauge Koch hos Karstensens Skibsværft. Foto: Per Pedersen

11-09-2018 10:00:00

The Danish Ministry of Defense did not do enough to prevent a breach in human rights and workers rights during the construction of the patrol boat Lauge Koch, writes Danish newspaper Informational as an extension of a statement by the so-called Mediation and grievance Institution for responsible business conduct (MKI).

”The Danish Ministry of Defense has not performed its due diligence in compliance with OECD’s guidelines for multi national organizations in connection with the purchase of the patrol boat lave Koch”
MKI concludes.

”This is due to the fact that the Ministry has not had any CSR-demands, such as a demand for respect for human rights and that the Ministry has not performed a systematic judgment of the negative impact on human- and working rights, environmental issues and corruption jf. OECD’s guidelines for multinational organizations”, the statement continues.

The chairman of the Mediation and grievance Institution responsible for organizational behavior, Linda Nielsen says:

"With this statement, MKI emphasizes that public authorities have to respect the OECD’s guidelines for multinational organizations when they perform actions such as shopping. This entails that public authorities have to make social and environmental demands to their suppliers and work partners and follow up on compliance with these requirements. "

The Mediation and grievance Institution responsible for organizational behavior is an independent institution, which consists of a chairman, a competent member and three representatives of the organization that have been appointed by DI, LO and the 92 group.

In a written response to the statement, the Danish ministry of Defense writes to Information that ” The Danish ministry of defense will take MKI’s statement into consideration” and that its material and purchase conduct has set a new task in motion, which sets out to ”strengthen the focus on organizations public responsibility” in connection with an upcoming purchase.

There statement does not contain any criticism of Karstensen Shipyard, which took the orders of building the patrol vessel by the Danish ministry of defense, the task included letting the Polish shipyard, Crist S. A. Stod build the hull of the vessel. It was the same Polish shipyard that was suspected of using forced labor force from Korea.

Karstensens shipyard now owns a shipyard in Polen, where they build their own hulls, and thus are in control of the entire process.

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