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Great Spirit in the Danish Camp

Great Spirit in the Danish Camp

02-09-2018 11:00:00

As always, the Danish organization Eksportforeningen will host a large Danish pavilion at the upcoming SMM fair in Hamburg. The Danish maritime companies are well prepared and optimistic - and they have a lot of new products to showcase.

“Our expectations for the SMM are almost larger than ever. SMM is simply the place to be, it’s where the action takes place”, says Mark Lerche, Head of Danish Marine Group in Eksportforeningen.

“We expect to see an upturn in the market again, after a long period where orders on newbuilding’s kept decreasing. Our forecast for the first half of the year shows, that 2018 will be better than 2017 in every way”, says Mark Lerche.

The optimism that has been felt this last year is still present, things are heading in the right direction.

“It is my impression that people are well prepared this year. The Danish companies have a lot of new launches in the product and service field - and they are exited to showcase them in Hamburg. We are also seeing great dialogs takings place in the Danish hall, people are already paying visits to their neighbors in the hall to plan and coordinate, in order to make sure that presentation won’t overshadow each other - to make sure that events at the stands are not taking place at the same time as their neighbors”

Visit the Danish Maritime Fair and Maritime Denmark at SMM B1 The Danish Pavilion Stand 400

Read all of the story in the new edition of the Danish Maritime Magazine here:

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