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Danish Maritime Fair: Seeking new horizons

Danish Maritime Fair: Seeking new horizons

01-09-2018 14:00:00

In May 2020 the Danish Maritime Fair returns for its fifth edition, this time with a new concept - but still at the familiar location. With support from long time partners, exhibitors and visitors, and having our finger on the pulse - we are re-inventing ourselves.

"We are keeping everything that works and getting rid of the things that don’t, and then we are adding new and exciting things", says Martin Uhlenfeldt, Partner in the Media Group Maritime Denmark, and responsible for the Danish Maritime Fair.

"We have had some great conversations with partners, exhibitioners and visitors and these have led to the conclusion, that the Danish Maritime Fair is here to stay. We are returning to our roots: hosting an international maritime fair on Danish ground, a fair that promotes The Blue Denmark through international branding of the many excellent maritime products and competences we have in Denmark", says Martin Uhlenfeldt and admits, that the Danish Maritime Fair in 2018 wasn’t perfectly orchestrated.

Marketing, sale of stands and conference program will not begin taking form before 2019, although the first reservations have already been made. But the new concept has to be ready before binding agreements can be made.

"We are attending the SMM to let people know where we are in the process, and where we are heading. Of course, we are ready to make options, but that is not crucial to us. We want to maintain the many good relationships we have. There is no sweeping things under the rug, we believe transparency creates trust - even when things go south for a short while", says Martin Uhlenfeldt.

Visit the Danish Maritime Fair and Maritime Denmark at SMM B1 The Danish Pavilion Stand 400

Read all of the story in the new edition of the Danish Maritime Magazine here:

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