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Floating dock has lifted and trawler s free

Floating dock has lifted and trawler s free

23-08-2018 10:00:00

On Tuesday, the floating crane Sanne A succeeded the task of opening the floating dock in Hirtshals, and thus it was possible to free the trapped Norwegian trawler Hardhaus. Experts are currently examining the trawler for damages.

According to the Norwegian media sysla.no, the trawler was severely damaged when the floating dock capsized and water entered. According to the online media, the trawler’s bottom valves were open during its stay in the floating dock, which led water to seep into the engine room.

Divers on the scene were able to close the valves before the floating dock was put back into its correct position. But the damages are apparently so severe that examinations have indicated that the trawler will not be sailing anymore this year.

The floating dock has also been exposed to comprehensive damages. Both the floating dock and the trawler are insured.

The Norwegian trawler is currently anchored in Hirtshals, as experts are examining the vessel for damages.

The most important task now is to stabilize the floating dock and get it into the right position, so that it can be examined for damages.

It is unknown at this point, when the floating dock can operate again.

"Of course we will shutdown. We must plan our way out of this and redirect tasks. I am optimistic about our continued operation, says Rasmus Brohus, CEO of Hirtshals Yard, according to BT to Ritzau.

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