Østerild allowed testing 330 meter windmills

Østerild allowed testing 330 meter windmills

11-06-2018 14:00:00

The Danish Parliament has approved the plan to expand the test center for windmills in North Jutland’s cities Østerild and Høvsøre. The changes will be in effect from July 1 and amongst other things, this will mean that the test center can expand with two windmills and in Østerild it will be allowed to test 330-meter tall windmills compared to the current regulations, that allow windmills of 250 meters.

The expansion means that Østerild get the space for nine test windmills, while Høvsøre gets enough for seven. The height limit on the windmills for testing is also raised in Høvsøre, as they will be allowed to test windmills of 200 meters compared to the current height limit of 165 meters.

In Østerild, the expanding of the test center is expected to be completed in 2019, while Høvsøre will have to wait for a final approval from the EU Commission Natura 2000, which monitors protected natural areas.

This is due to the southern section of the two new stands are to be located in a Natura 2000 area, which is subject to EU protection. With the placement of the test stand in the Natura-2000 area, fewer expropriations will be made.

Source: DTU Vindenergi / Maritime Danmark

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