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Freight sales dropped in Danish ports

Freight sales dropped in Danish ports

23-05-2018 12:00:00

Denmark’s official statistics new numbers show a minor drop of 1,3 percent in freight sales in Danish ports in 2017. 94,6 million tons freight was handled in 2017 compared to 95,8 million tons in 2016. Though members of Danish port organization Danske Havne had a slight increase of 1,7 percent compared to 2016.

Since 2012, the yearly sale of freight in Danish ports has been progressing with an average growth rate of approximately two percent each year. Unfortunately, this was not the case in 2017, the latest numbers of Denmark’s Statistics show.

Freight sales dropped by 1,27 million tons in 2017. A drop in freight turnover of barely three million tons drove the decrease in total freight sales, but this decreased is saved by a increase in ferry freight sales of approximately two million tons.

Despite a drop in freight sales, there is generally prosperity in sales of freight types such as groupage, containers and ferry freight. Groupage sales increased by 34 percent compared to 2016. Turnover of wood alone showed an increase of 111 percent compared to 2016.

The ferry freight department shows that more people are choosing Danish ferries. Sales of ferry freight increased by 7 percent compared to 2016. Since 2014 sales of ferry freight has in total increased by 15 percent, which is a tendency that seems to continue.

Freight such as coal and mineral oil products has dropped, which has affected activity in multiple privat ports. Though sales of crude oil is now increasing following a significant drop in 2016.

Despite experiencing a general drop in freight sales in Danish ports, members of the organization Danske Havne are in prosperity. Among Danske Havne’s members freight sales in 2017 increased by almost 1,7 percent compared to 2016.

Source: Danske Havne/ Maritime Danmark

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