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Sailing safety in Kattegat increases

Sailing safety in Kattegat increases

22-05-2018 10:00:00

The International Maritime Organization’s sea safety committee has adopted the Danish-Swedish proposal of new sailing routes in Kattegat and Skagerrak. The development has meant that the ships that currently sail through these waters are bigger then what the route systems were originally intended for.

Around 70.000 ships sail through Kattegat and Skagerrak on a yearly basis, where a large part of the ships with large draft, are on their way to or from the Baltic Sea. Therefore the current routes have to be extended, in order better separation of traffic. The new sailing routes will open on July 1 2020.

Towards the entry into force of the new sailing routes on July 1 2020, parts of these have to be sea measured. This task will be done by the Danish Maritime Authority for the Danish Geodata Agency, and the Danish Maritime Authority’s inspection vessel Jens Sørensen is in charge of doing the job in the sea area. The sea measurements are done so that sea maps and sailing carts can be updated to the exact conditions before the new routes are opened.

The new routes includes:
- Two recommended routes between Hanstholm and Skagen titled route A and route B, Traffic separating system at Skagen
- Deepwater routes between Læsø and Anholt and east of Grenå
- A new Precautionary area norteast of Læsø
- A new route S along the Swedish coast
- Three new traffic separating systems along route S. One of them in the northern part of Øresund.

Source: Søfartsstyrelsen / Maritime Danmark

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