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EU- proposal will simplify ship reporting

EU- proposal will simplify ship reporting

18-05-2018 12:00:00

The European Commission has adopted a proposal that aims to increase harmonization of demands for the ships regulatory reporting, when they sail to harbours within European borders. The proposal aims to reduce administrative burdens for Danish and European shipping.

”On behalf of Denmark, we are working towards an EU-harmonized ship reporting platform that can reduce the professions administrative burdens. This is definitely a priority in the governments growth plan for the Blue Denmark. Ideally we should have a single common European system, which we will not exactly get with this proposal. But nonetheless it is still an important step towards making the vision become reality” says
CEO of the Danish Maritime Authority, Andreas Nordseth.

The commissions proposal is about establishing a common it-interface that ships can choose to report through no matter what European harbour they arrive at, that ships hopefully only have to report the same information once, for example by better data sharing between the countries of the sea area, and to limit special demands within national borders for what has to be reported.

This will mean a new EU regulation of the establishment of a so called Maritime Single Window Environment, which will replace the existing demand that ships report their arrival prior to sailing to a EU harbour.

As the commission has been preparing the proposal, Denmark has pushed to get an ambitious revision done of the existing EU- rules in the field in terms of creating common rules for ship reporting when they sail between EU countries.

The next step will be for the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to look at the proposal.

Source: Søfartsstyrelsen / Maritime Danmark

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