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Worlds first hydrogen-ferry to operate in 21

Worlds first hydrogen-ferry to operate in 21

02-02-2018 10:10:00

The Norwegian government has plans of making Norway the world's first country in possession of a hydrogen-powered ferry. The two companies, Boreal Sjø and Wärtsilä Ship Design, have entered into a joint venture to create the ferry, which scheduled to be ready by 2021.

The ferry will operate on a 3 km short route, which connects Rigsvej 13 across Hjelmelandsfjorden located on the west coast of Norway. The plan is that two ferries, one being a completely electric and the other being the new hydrogen-electric, powered by 50 per cent hydrogen, will operate the route.

"The plan is realistic, but challenging. I am impressed and humble that Norwegian authorities have chosen to set these goals. The demands are high and the visions are challeging, says Ove Wilhelmsen, CEO of Wärtsilä Ship Design.

The companies are to present their offer on the completed solution to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration before August this year and they will then be in competition with two other companies.

According to Wärtsilä's director, hydrogen ferries are not normally the natural solution because of the price, but the fact that the Norwegian government puts their trust in these types of ferries, could reduce prices due to a larger volume, he points out.

Source: Sysla Maritime / Maritime Denmark

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