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Maersk wins the battle of the light blue star

Maersk wins the battle of the light blue star

01-02-2018 11:00:00

Companies are not allowed to use a logo that resembles the famous light blue star, which is the logo of Maersk. This was decided by the High Court of Eastern Denmark on Wednesday in a case where a company used a logo that could be confused with the light blue Maersk star.

The owner of the small transport company World Wide Traffic is a former employee of Maersk, who has been ordered to pay a fine of 10,000 Danish kroner and lawyer fees of 35,000 Danish kroner for using a logo that resembles the Maersk star a little too much.

The verdict was a based on a judgment of the Maritime and Commercial High Court of 2016, which at that time found that "in the industry, there will be a created a connection between the World Wide Traffics logo and Maersk's well-known trademark."

The jugde was not convinced by the owners explanations that the logo was drawn by his sister and that it reminds him of his Albanian roots, including Mother Teresa and his religious beliefs, family and constellations.

The High Court of Eastern Denmark did not benefit his cause.

Source: Berlingske / Maritime Denmark

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