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Danish cruise passengers eliminate Copenhagen

Danish cruise passengers eliminate Copenhagen

12-01-2018 14:00:00

The number of Danish passengers onboard on cruise ships in Copenhagen has fallen from 14,126 to 6,332 over the last three years. The Mediterranean is more appealing and the prices lower. On the other hand, foreigners queue up to sail from Denmark to Norwegian fjords and Russian st. Petersburg.

"When Danish people are going on a cruise, they want sun and summer, so they go to the Mediterranean Sea with departure from Barcelona or Rome or they go to the Caribbean with departure from Florida. At the same time, the prices of the big ships in the Mediterranean are only about half of the cost of departures from Copenhagen”, Danish cruise agencies stated in a research conducted by standby.dk.

It is most likely, that Copenhagen will have close to one million cruise tourists this year. The number grows every year, and provincial ports have begun to follow suit. On the other hand, it is the direct opposite situation with Danish people, when it comes to sailing from Denmark and avoiding flights to the Mediterranean or Carribean.

Many Danish cruise enthusiasts have already taken a trip along the coast of Norway or in the Baltic Sea with St. Petersburg as their final destination. Cruise companies that sail from Denmark must visit Norway or St. Petersburg to get outside the EU and avoid charges and get to tax-free areas.

This means that there are no major changes year to year. Maybe they will come when Britain leaves the EU.

On the other hand, there is progress to be found in the tourist economy and for Danish currency earnings. The majority of the more than 300 ships arriving in Copenhagen in the 2018 season are already sold out.

Source: standby.dk / Maritime Denmark

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