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Danish-Ghanaian cooperation on safety

Danish-Ghanaian cooperation on safety

10-11-2017 13:00:00

Denmark and Ghana have initiated a maritime government cooperation, which will contribute to increased maritime safety and develop the maritime sector in Ghana. In this connection, the Danish Maritime Authority has had five Ghanaian ship inspectors visiting this week.

"International regulation of shipping is crucial for securing maritime safety and equality of competition in the global maritime sector. But regulation only has effect if it is actually implemented and enforced everywhere in the world. Therefore, it is crucial that we work together across borders and learn from each other. We therefore share our knowledge and experience in areas where Ghana wishes our assistance to develop its maritime sector," says Andreas Nordseth, Director of the Danish Maritime Authority.

During the visit, Danish and Ghanaian ship inspectors have exchanged knowledge and experience about the task of the ship inspector. During the visit, a series of workshops were held, in which Danish and Ghanaian ship inspectors conducted a series of practical exercises on the Samsø ferry and the Hundested-Rørvig ferry.

The visit was a follow-up to Danish inspectors visit to Ghana earlier this year and is one of several activities in the government cooperation. The government cooperation is conducted in cooperation between the Danish Maritime Authority, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ghanaian Maritime Authorities.

Authority cooperation has been in progress since 2015 and runs until August 2018. Concretely, three traces are being implemented, and implementation of international maritime regulation, strengthening of Ghanaian pilotage and introduction of digital navigation instruments.

Source: Søfartsstyrelsen / Maritime Denmark

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