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Campaign for green ferry service

Campaign for green ferry service

07-11-2017 15:00:00

A number of Danish ferry companies are working to ensure greener ferry service. This is important as Danish ferries annually transport over 32 million passengers. The ferry companies are now launching a campaign on social media about the greener ferry service under the slogan 'Sail with us'.

"The companies have shown a clear willingness to invest in greener solutions, and at the same time it has been possible to raise public development resources that are crucial for the change. Finally, legislation has also created better conditions for, for example, electric power. Overall, Danish ferries are becoming greener and we would like to highlight this with the coming campaign,"says Jakob Ullegård, Director of Danske Rederier, responsible for the ferries.

Around the Danish waters there are a number of ferry companies using hybrid operations, where batteries cover a part of energy consumption, that focus on energy optimization or are in complete transition to using LNG or electricity for ferry operations.

The parliament, for example, decided about a year ago to lower the electricity tax for the smaller ferries. The agreement to remove the so-called PSO tax, which was otherwise a significant barrier to switching to electricity, occurred at the same time. Both parts are important for greener ferry service.

You can see the new campaign movie on Facebook HERE.

Parts of it will be launched in the coming weeks with focus on the individual shipping companies.

Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Denmark

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