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Danish Maritime Days continue in 2018

Danish Maritime Days continue in 2018

06-10-2017 10:00:00

For the past 3 years, autumn has brought along the Danish Maritime Days, but even though there are no exhibitions and events on the program this autumn, Danish Maritime Days will return in May 2018. Danske Rederier has joined as partner

."We see it as an important task for shipping companies to help assemble the Blue Denmark and highlight the opportunities we have in order to play a role as an important growth industry in both Danish and international contexts. The Danish Maritime Days is an obvious opportunity to set focus on them," says Anne H. Steffensen, Managing Director of Danske Rederier.

Danske Rederier along with Danske Maritime and the Danish Maritime Authority are in charge of the forthcoming Danish Maritime Days, which will be held from May 1-4 in 2018. Danske Rederier will host a kick-off event on May 1 and once be in charge of a Shipowner's Lounge at the Danish Maritime Fair, where shipping companies will be able to participate.

The Danish Maritime Days became part of the former government's growth plan in 2012 and was held for the first time in 2014. The conference days were previously held in connection with the Danish Maritime Forum project, which assembled maritime top executives from around the world.
Following the end of the project last year, it has been decided to carry it forward internationally, such as the Global Maritime Forum. Thus, in the year 2018, Danish Maritime Days will focus on events from member companies, as well as the Danish Maritime Fair, which takes place at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen.

The first start-up meetings are now held and the program planning is well under way. The project will in the future be coordinated by the three partners Danske Rederier, Danske Maritime and the Danish Maritime Authority, and this year Danske Maritime will be responsible for planning. Here, there is positivity about the new setup.

"We are looking forward to getting started. Several companies have already been interested in organizing events and we hope that more players will be on the track so we can get a wide range of events that appeal to the Blue Denmark, but also to people from outside it," says Jenny Braat, CEO at Danske Maritime.

Danske Maritime plans to arrange the Danish Maritime Technology Conference during the Danish Maritime Days. In addition, there will also be focus on green shipping, education and safety.

Source. Danske Rederier / Maritime Denmark

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