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Peter Madsen: Hatch killed Kim Wall

Peter Madsen: Hatch killed Kim Wall

05-09-2017 16:00:00

The case of Kim Wall, who died on board Peter Madsen's submarine, is commencing in the city court in Copenhagen. Peter Madsen's explanation from the constitutional hearing has been read up. The prosecutor enquires about Peter Madsen's sexual orientation.

Kim Wall was killed when Peter Madsen slipped and dropped the hatch on his submarine which hit the 30-year-old Swedish journalist and apparently gave her an open skull fracture. That's how Peter Madsen's own explanation sounds - according to Ekstra Bladet's live record from the city court - from the constitutional hearing, which has been read by the prosecutor recently.

When the hearing began at 14:00, the prosecutor requested closed doors, but that was rejected by the judge following objections from the press.

Therefore, for the first time, the public can now hear what Peter Madsen explained about Kim Wall's death in the submarine.

According to Peter Madsen's explanation in the constitutional hearing, he went into shock and did not contact anyone when it occurred to him that Kim Wall was dead. He sailed out to Øresund where he would put an end to everything, writes Ekstra Bladet in the live record of the city court.
He did not think it would be appropriate for Kim to have the submarine as her grave and therefore he pushed her overboard. There was no sexual intercourse, it was explained.

Following the reading of the constitutional hearing, the prosecutor asked for Peter Madsen's sexual orientation. Peter Madsen confirmed that he has entered the S/M environment in Copenhagen and has previously had women come to his submarine to have sex.

Peter Madsen confirms that there was a saw in the submarine when he departed with Kim Wall on August 10th. According to the prosecutor, the saw was not on the submarine when it was recovered.

Peter Madsen still denies that he mutilated Kim Wall.
On the question of why he was lying when he landed in Dragør and said that Kim Wall was not on the tour, he explained that he was not mentally present.

And it was only after a night in jail that he decided to tell the police what he thought had happened.

The prosecutor wants the detention order extended by four weeks.
At the end of the report at 16:00, Peter Madsen's defender had started asking questions.

Source: Extra Bladet and TV 2's live record from Byretten in Copenhagen / Maritime Denmark

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