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Cable for Kriegers Flak just arrived

Cable for Kriegers Flak just arrived

24-08-2017 12:00:00

Denmark's future largest wind farm at Kriegers Flak in the Baltic Sea will now be wired to Rødvig. The project was launched as one of the world's most advanced cable ships, NKT Victoria, ensured that the 45-km long submarine cable was installed in Rødvig.

In the first phase of the project, one of the two future transformer platforms at Kriegers Flak will be connected to a station on land in Rødvig, and it requires a 3440-ton cable with a length of 45 km, which was loaded onto NKT Victoria in Karlskrona.

The cable, which has a diameter of 25 cm and weighs 78 kg per meter, was connected to a steel wire from land on the ship before the process of pulling the cable through a special pipe that goes from land to approximately 220 meters into the water to protect the cable.

During the installation on Tuesday, the cable was pulled at a speed of 3 meters per minute through the pipe until it reached land and the employees from Energinet, who are responsible for the establishment.

After the cable landed, NKT Victoria was able to pull the last 44 km of cable to what would become Denmark's largest wind farm. The second cable is expected to be released in early September.

The total capacity of Kriegers Flak will be 600 MW and the foundations for the turbines are expected to be installed from this fall while the turbines are installed in spring 2018.
Kriegers Flak is also associated with the German Baltic wind farm Baltic 2, thereby creating the world's first offshore grid that combines wind energy with the ability to exchange power between two countries.

Source: Energinet / Maritime Denmark

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