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"Submarine sunk due to deliberate action"

15-08-2017 08:45:00

Technical studies of the raised submarine, Nautilus, show according to the police, that the sinking allegedly was caused by a deliberate action. Some electronics have been secured from the boat, which has now been sent for further investigation to possibly reconstruct the submarine's route and a timeline for the voyage.

"The technical studies of the submarine are largely completed. The investigations have been carried out in close cooperation with submarine experts from the defense, as well as technical assistance from competent persons in dismantling and studying submarine technical equipment," Copenhagen Police wrote in a press release.

The test results of the submarine's technical equipment are expected to take some time.
The search for the missing female Swedish journalist, Kim Wall, who disappeared during or after a trip on the submarine Thursday evening continues. There is an operation commencing by airplane.
The Copenhagen Police are in dialogue with Swedish police regarding support for the search in Swedish waters. This is done solely on the basis of information about current conditions in Øresund and Køge Bay since Thursday evening when the submarine sailed from Copenhagen.

As part of the investigation, the police are collecting information about ships that have sailed through Øresund and Køge Bay that day, but wish to request that relevant ships themselves investigate who was at the helm of the ship and if any information regarding the submarine's location at specific times is available.

Particularly interesting are observations from 21.30 until midnight, where Nautilus was allegedly located in the southern part of Øresund and from midnight on Friday 11/8 to Friday at 10.30, when Nautilus was observed near Drogden lighthouse.
The investigation has also shown that the detainee Peter Madsen has repeatedly had interested individuals on a trip with the submarine. The police would like to talk to all persons who have been on such a trip, in order to determine where these tours usually went and how they were carried out.

Source: Københavns Politi / Maritime Denmark

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