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Danish company might deliver illegal arms

Danish company might deliver illegal arms

13-06-2017 15:00:00

Today, EkstraBladetwrote that the company, H. Folmer, has had two ships sail between Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia with military equipment in the cargo for two years. 3F criticizes that Danish legislation does not prevent the transport of weapons that may end up in the hands of Denmark's enemies.

According to the paper, the maritime tracking services show that two ships, Marianne Danica and Hanne Danica, have sailed between the two countries with goods classified as very dangerous, which can cover loads with explosives and weapons.

As Saudi Arabia does not use weapons from Bulgaria, the international weapons trade expert, Pieter Wezeman, of the Swedish research institute Sipri, believes it is "highly probable" that they sell the weapons to other buyers.

"We know that Saudi Arabia is very active in Yemen and Syria, and it is known that they have supplied military equipment to the two countries," he said to EkstraBladet.

Unlike some other European countries, Danish shipping companies can sail with weapons as long asit doesn’t not happen from a Danish port - and as long as the weapons are not sailed to one of the 20 countries that it is currently not allowed to transport weapons to. But neither Syria, Yemen nor Saudi Arabia is on that list.

"Because we do not have proper legislation in this area, we allow Danish companies to supply weapons that can end in conflict zones where they can be used against Danish soldiers who have been deployed. It is morally unforgivable,” says KarstenKristensen, a negotiating secretary in 3F Transport to EkstraBladet.

Source: Extra Bladet / Maritime Denmark

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