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Annual meeting focusing on autonomous ships

Annual meeting focusing on autonomous ships

05-04-2017 11:55:00

With the usual flair to capture the tone, Danish Maritime chose to focus on autonomous ships as the overall theme of the trade association annual meeting that will be held at MAN Diesel & Turbo in Copenhagen on Wednesday.

"If there is something you need in autonomous ships, then it is high quality equipment. And that's what we deliver," said Thomas S. Knudsen, CEO of MAN Diesel & Turbo and chairman of Danish Maritime in his welcoming speech.

"Autonomous ships is not something that comes here and now, but they will come. That is for certain," said Thomas S. Knudsen.

TV2's expert in the digital field, David Guldager, went through subsequent technological developments, that have led to autonomous maritime systems - technically speaking - being possible.

"Ships without crew not only saves wages, they also have room for more goods," said David Guldager.

After lunch, and a statement by the main speaker, Industry Minister Brian Mikkelsen, the director in Danish Maritime Authority Andreas Nordseth follows up on the theme of the day with a presentation on 'Autonomous Systems from an authority perspective' and John Koch Nielsen, Senior Project Manager, FORCE Technology, supplement with 'Towards the pilotless ship'.

The annual meeting is concluded in the late afternoon with a political panel discussion attended by: Torsten Schack Pedersen, Venstre, Martin Lidegaard, Radikale Venstre and Bjarne Laustsen, Socialdemokratiet

Source: The editors of Maritime Denmark

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