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New collective agreements nearly in place

New collective agreements nearly in place

27-03-2017 16:00:00

During March, the Danish Shipowners' Association, Bilfærgernes Rederiforening og Rederiforeningen af 2010, have renewed a large number of collective agreements that will apply during the next three years. The Danish Shipowners' Association believes that the agreements provide a good basis for Danish shipping.

"Although there have been bumps along the way, and we have had to stop by the Conciliation Board in several contexts, I am all in all very pleased with both the progress and the results achieved," says Director of the Danish Shipowners' Association, Anne Windfeldt Trolle.

After many weeks of negotiations, an agreement has been reached between maritime employers and employees on a 3-year renewal of the vast majority of the so-called March 1st collective agreements.

In most cases, the agreement on the same wage increases and improvements in the leading settlementsin the industrial and transport sector, are adapted so that they make sense and can be handled in the maritime field.

Besides annual gross hourly wage increases of 2,50 kroner and a gradual doubling of the "special savings", which can be used to finance care and senior holidays, there is given full pay for the contractually agreed period of parental leave, as one of the main elements.

Within the pressured offshore market, where the economy was not enough to provide the same wage increases, a number of reassuring elements were incorporated to reach agreement on the renewal of collective agreements. These include: longer period of notice, protection against arbitrary dismissals and the establishment of a financing fund to help fired workers.

The few remaining areas where the parties have failed to agree, are seized by the settlement proposal draft which a state conciliator revealed yesterday and is now submitted to a vote until April 20, whereafter an agreement on the innovations of the March 1st agreements will be reached.

The Danish Shipowners' Association will now focus on the second round of negotiations that apply to the agreements ending after March 1, including all officers collective agreements.

Source: Danmarks Rederiforening / Maritime Denmark

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