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Tax law in the way of offshore adventure

Tax law in the way of offshore adventure

28-02-2017 10:00:00

OECD predicts that offshore wind will experience an explosive growth in the coming years. The Danish Shipowners' Association see a great potential for Danish companies, but warns that tax regulations may stand in the way.

The number of jobs can be twelve times higher by 2030 and value growth will be at 25% annually. This is concluded by OECD in a new report on the role of offshore wind, which was presented in European Shipping Week.
Denmark is strong in this area, says the Danish Shipowners' Association.

"It is good news for Danish offshore wind, that we are looking into a market that stands to grow significantly over the next decade. We have a unique position of strength with a view to increasing Danish exports and create more Danish jobs in the sector - also at sea. But we must do something about the Danish competitiveness by introducing sailor tax for all Danish offshore vessels, so they have a fair shot," says Jakob Ullegård, the Danish Shipowners' Association.

According to the OECD report, the most growth in the markets will happen in the markets in America and Asia, but Denmark is keeping up, says the Danish Shipowners' Association.
"In Denmark, the creation of the offshore wind farms Horns Rev 3 and Kriegers Flak not only contribute to more renewable energy to the Danes. The establishment of these new wind farms creates growth and more than 8,000 jobs by 2030 in some of Denmark's most important export industries," says a pressrelease from the association.

The expansion of offshore wind installations are no longer just concentrated in northern Europe, but are spreading to North America and Asia.

"As the market grows, competition intensifies. Which means that we as a company is forced to be as competitive as possible in relation to, for example, our European competitors," says Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO of A2SEA, which is the shipping company in the world that have set up most offshore wind turbines.

Source: Danmarks Rederiforening / Maritime Denmark

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