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MARCOD certified as silver cluster in the EU

MARCOD certified as silver cluster in the EU
Christine Lunde MARCOD

19-01-2017 10:57:00

MARCOD has just earned a silver certification by the EU's joint cluster initiative ECEI. It is the North Jutland maritime companies guarantee that they work with a professional cluster organization that manages to match the efforts and services with the needs of businesses.

"MARCOD has achieved silver because they are a really strong cluster with a good regionally base, which works professionally. They have a close dialogue with the companies and a great insight into their needs so they can launch initiatives and services that match the needs," says Merete Daniel Nielsen, director of Cluster Excellence Denmark, which has been responsible for the certification process.

Now MARCOD have exchanged their bronze certification for a silver certification in ECEI, the EU's joint initiative to enhance and ensure the quality of clusters in Europe. A silver certification is an expression that has its organizational structure in place and is dedicated to developing its cluster organization towards the excellent.

"We can use the certification to become better and improve in how we organize ourselves internally and use our resources, for the greatest possible benefit for the companies. As a certified cluster we're benchmarked against other clusters in Europe, which gives us inspiration and networking, and it is their guarantee that they work with a cluster organization in control of things," says Christine Lunde, Managing Director of MARCOD.

In Denmark there are currently 8 gold clusters, 5 silver clusters and 23 bronze clusters. To be considered for silver, one must be certified with bronze and have demonstrated improvements in three areas in two benchmark analyzes.

MARCOD has since its bronze certification had a member increase of more than one hundred percent from 118 dedicated members in 2014 to 253 dedicated members in 2016. MARCOD has also improved in the skills of their employees, increased interaction with members and a flexible adaptation of activities and services to members' needs from close dialogue.

Source: MARCOD / Maritime Denmark

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