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Two Maersk Supply ships have sunk

Two Maersk Supply ships have sunk

24-12-2016 10:00:00

Two ships belonging to Maersk Supply Service - Maersk Shipper and Maersk Searcher - have sunk in the Bay of Biscay 60 nautical miles off the French coast Wednesday night. The two ships were being towed by a third Maersk ship - Maersk Battler - when the twing cable burst.

Maersk Supply Service has confirmed the accident to Ekstra Bladet, but wish - beyond the fact that no one was injured in the accident, and that the French authorities have been informed - not to provide further information at this time.

The two Maersk Supply Service ships was being towed to Turkey to be scrapped. Maersk Shipper and Maersk Searcher had since February been lying idle in the port of Fredericia, along with four other ships from Maersk Supply Ships, that had no assignments to attend to.

This is because Maersk Supply Ships decided to gather a number of decommissioned vessels in a place where the cost of having them lying indefinitely was not too much.

Scrapping is a result of overcapacity within the offshore industry. In the spring, Maersk Supply Service decided to dispose of about 20 vessels.

Source: Ekstra Bladet / Maritime Denmark

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