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Danish frigate to fight Islamic State

Danish frigate to fight Islamic State

23-12-2016 10:00:00

The Danish government plans to send one of the three Danish frigates - Peter Willemoes - to the Indian Ocean to participate in the fight against Islamic State. The government puts forward a motion in parliament shortly after the New Year.

"The frigate is sought after by our coalition partners, and we can contribute to a lot with it," says Venstre foreign affairs spokesman Michael Aastrup Jensen to Radio24syv.

"It is extremely important that we contribute to the fight against IS. As long as there is a terrorist threat, we must do everything we can to stop it. The terrorists also target Denmark," said Michael Aastrup Jensen.

Peter Willemoes is to sail from Denmark in early February and implement a training mission in the Mediterranean Sea before sailing on to the Persian Gulf, where it primarily will provide protection to a US aircraft carrier.

The frigate has a crew of 130, and according to Radio24syv the mission is scheduled to last three months.

Source: Radio24syv / Maritime Denmark

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