Shipowners happy with foreign strategy
Shipowners happy with foreign strategy
16-11-2018 10:00
Yesterday, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anders Samuelsen, and Minister for Development Cooperation of Denmark, Ulla Tørnæs, presented the governments new foreign and security policy strategy for 2019-2020. Danish shipping organization Danske Rederier is happy with the strategy’s focus on a new clear direction for Danish economic diplomacy and support for Danish business.

Danish Industry criticizes port decision
16-11-2018 12:00
The Confederation of Danish Industry, DI, released a statement this morning, in which they critique the decisions made to shut down commercial ports in Kolding and Vejle. DI warns about the consequences of shutting down the commercial ports and is going to investigate the politics of the decision to see if the municipalities’ decisions are legal.
Koldings port director shocked by decision
15-11-2018 10:00
The municipality of Kolding’s decision to shut down the commercial port comes as a surprise to port director Anders Vangsbjerg Sørensen. One single city council has decided to shut down the port, and the companies that currently use the port have to move latest in 25 years.
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Strong Danish-Indonesian relationship
14-11-2018 12:00
The Danish trade organization Danske Maritime had a good and rewarding meeting last week, which confirmed the already close working relationship between Denmark and Indonesia in the maritime area. In recent years, the Indonesian government has focused on developing the maritime sector, including fisheries and navy.
Brexit deal is good news for Danish shipping
14-11-2018 10:00
Yesterday, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, and European Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier made a deal regarding Great Britain’s departure from the EU. The deal is now waiting to be approved by the British Parliaments and EU’s state- and heads of government. This will create the needed peace for negotiating the terms of trade in the future.
 HH Ferries becomes ForSea
13-11-2018 12:00
As part of HH Ferries Group’s environment strategy, the two ferries Tycho Brahe and Aurora now sail solely on battery power. The company is also changing its name to ForSea in order to make their intentions of becoming the regions most sustainable shipping company as clear as possible

 Danish ports among the most effective
13-11-2018 10:00
A new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) shows that Danish ports took 6th place on the list of the world’s most effective ports. But Danish trade organisation Danske Havne wishes keep progressing, and wants to compete with the best. Therefore the organisation seeks political focus and has concrete suggestions to how Denmark reaches the top of the list in the future.

Damaged feeder ship heading to Gdańsk
12-11-2018 12:00
The feeder ship Mito Strait, which went aground north of Funen last Monday, is on its way to Gdańsk in Poland where it will be checked in at a shipyard. The container vessel left Fredericia on Friday afternoon after it had been emptied for containers, and after the owners had gotten permission from the Danish Maritime Authorities.
Errors found on Maersk-rig
12-11-2018 10:00
The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) inspected Maersk Drilling's jack-up rig Maersk Reacher from 24 to 27 September 2018 and found 20 errors and aspects that can be improved. The errors were found in the electrical facilities, technical safety field, maintenance, logistics and readiness.
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Feeder ship is being emptied of containers
09-11-2018 12:00
The feeder ship Mito Strait, which on early Monday morning went aground in a location north of Funen, is being emptied of the containers onboard. The plan is to tow the ship to Fayard Shipyard once the container ship is empty
MHI Vestas receives unusual order
08-11-2018 12:00
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind and Parkwind has confirmed an order that involves delivering and installing 23 V164-9.5 MW windmills to the Northwester 2 offshore wind farm located of the coast of Belgium. The installation process is planned to start in the end of 2019.
 Hirtshals installs new wave recoarder
08-11-2018 10:00
On November 6, the Port of Hirtshal switched their wave recorder with a new and more advanced model. The new wave recorder is placed outside the Port of Hirtshals’ entry zone, and sends data to a receiver in the port office 24 hours a day.

 Aground ship still in Æbelø
07-11-2018 12:00
The 148 meter long feeder ship Mito Strait, which on early Monday morning went aground in Æbelø north of Bogense on Fyn, is still stuck in the same location. Diving investigations have shown that the ship hit ground with such an intense force that the ships screw and rudder was damaged.

Maersk gets new contract for Resilient Rig
07-11-2018 10:00
Maersk Drilling has been promised a drilling contract from a anonyms operator for their rig Maersk Resilient. On Tuesday November 6, it was announced In the company's fleet status report that the contract for Maersk Resilient is scheduled to begin in April 2019 and will last for four months.
Containership goes aground North of Fyn
06-11-2018 12:00
The containership Mito Strait, which has a deadweight tonnage of 13.950, went aground on Monday morning, 3 nautical miles North of Æblø. The vessels rudder and propeller are so damaged that it is unable to sail by the use of its own force, and there is also a suspicion that the hull has been damaged.
Povl Anker is welcome in Trelleborg Port
06-11-2018 10:00
After numerous cancellations, bad weather conditions, and relocating to Køge due to lack of space at a ferry slip in Ystad, Trelleborg Port, which is located 33 kilometers closer to Malmö than Ystad, has reported that it might be able to take in Povl Anker on short notices of four hours.
Nakskov Port continues to grow
05-11-2018 12:00
Since the Municipality of Lolland took over Nakskov Port in July 2014, the municipality has invested 27 million in improving the port. Now, strong political support has resulted in further investments of 57,1 million kroner.
 No arrests after collision on Bornholm
05-11-2018 10:00
Bornholms Police Department spent the entire Sunday investigating the collision between the cargo ship Begonia S and the polish fishing vessel, Mietas II, which sunk just before 05.00 on Sunday morning. The captain of the cargo ship and the skipper of the fishing vessel have both been questioned, and no one has been arrested as of yet.

 Moljslinjens new ferry is almost ready
02-11-2018 12:00
The Australian ship building company Austal has launched the 109-meter high-speed express Express 4 build for the Danish ferry service company Molslinjen. The ship is currently getting its last preparations ready before being tested at sea prior to being delivered as part of the acceptance and transfer process.

Strandby hires Harbourmaster
01-11-2018 12:00
Strandbys fishing industry is in the midst of a positive evolution, and because of this a lot of people have ordered new and larger fishing vessel and are thereby investing in the future. Therefore the Port of Strandby has decided to hire Christian Heidemann Andersen as the ports new harbourmaster. His job will be to develop the port concurrently with the positive growth that the port’s customers are experiencing.
EU puts 2,2 b. kr. towards maritime projects
31-10-2018 12:00
The EU is concerned about the worlds oceans and decided to spend 300 million euro, which is equivalent to 2,2 billion Danish kroner, on maritime projects. The money will be spend on projects that fight plastic pollution, promotes sustainability, strengthens research and increases surveillance of the oceans.
Less car traffic on Helsingør-Helsingborg
30-10-2018 12:00
Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg route transported 439.000 cars during the third quarter of 2018, which is 4 percent decrease and 17.000 cars less than during the same quarter of 2017.The total number of passengers dropped in the third quarter to roughly 2,3 million, while the number was 2,5 million in the same quarter last year.
Possible Sabotage on Flensborg Shipyard
29-10-2018 12:00
Flensborgs police department is investigating a case of possible sabotage on Flensborgs Shipyard’s ferry W.B. Yeats, which is in the midst of being build for The Irish Continental Group. The construction of the ferry has been severely delayed and is costing the shipyard a lot in daily fees.
 Norden makes scrubber deal with Besiktas
26-10-2018 12:00
Danish dry cargo and tanker company Norden A/S has signed a contract regarding scrubber installations with the Turkish Besiktas Shipyard. The deal was made after a thorough analysis of the sulfur directive's impact on the shipping company when it becomes official on January 1, 2020.

 Bladt gets contract for foundations
26-10-2018 10:00
Bladt Industries, headquartered in Aalborg, have signed a contract for building 35 transition pieces for the Borssele 1 & 2 Offshore Wind Farm in the Netherlands. The production of the transition pieces that are part of the foundation will begin in the near future. The transitions are manufactured in Denmark.

Horns Rev 3 is only missing wind turbines
25-10-2018 12:00
GeoSea has installed 49 transition pieces on Vattenfalls 406,7 MW Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm in the Danish part of the North Sea. Jan De Nuls wind turbine installation vessel Vole au Vent installed the first transition piece in the middle of Juy and GeoSea installed the last monopile foundation in January.
Molslinjen takes over Færgen
25-10-2018 10:00
With the final signatures in place, the Government and Clipper Group have signed all their shares In Danish ferry company Færgen over to Molslinjen. This means that with their nine fery routes Molslinjen has now become Denmarks largest ferry company. Molslinjen will take over all of Færgen’s employees and ships.
Ffake emails from Danske Rederier
24-10-2018 12:00
Be aware of spam- and phishing e-mails sent from Danske Rederier. Do not open emails that request usernames or passwords from Danske Rederier. Danske Rederier believe it is an attempt to rob members of their usernames and passwords to the organizations website.
Ice tax increases by 25 percent in 2019
23-10-2018 14:18
Winter is coming and during the government’s icebreaking committee’s latest meeting, held on September 14 2018, a decision was made to increase the tax on ice. The increase will be apply for the period between January 1 and December 31 2019 and will be 0,05 Danish kroner per ton of cargo ship goods that is shipped to or from the port in question.
 Here what went wrong at Hirtshal Shipyard
22-10-2018 12:00
Two accidents that took place simultaneously were the reason why the jetty at Hirtshals Yard nearly capsized on August 17. The Norwegian fishing trawler Hardhus, which was located in the covered jetty at the time, was severly damaged by the incident. The jetty was also damaged, but is expected to be repaired within a couple of months

 Lauritzen Bulkers appoints new CEO
22-10-2018 12:00
J. Lauritzen has appointed Niels Josefsen CEO of Lauritzen Bulkers. Niels Josefsen will be replacing
Thomas Wøidemann, Chief Operating Officer, who has been in charge of commercial and operational activities in both Lauritzen Bulkers and Lauritzen Kosan since March 2017..

Ørsted gives Borssele-contract to GoaSea
19-10-2018 12:00
Ørsted has given DEME GeoSea a contract regarding transportation and installation of 94 foundations and wind turbines on the Borssele 1 and 2 wind farm in Holland.
Borssele 1 and 2 is located 23 km from Holland’s coast and will have a total capacity of 752 MW.
Bladt have finalized Horns Rev 3 order
18-10-2018 12:00
Last week, the final four of the 24 transition pieces for Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm were loaded onto a ship from SAL Heavy Lift and immediate shipped off to Bladt Industries in Aalborg. The 24 transition pieces each weigh approximately 500 tons and have a diameter of 6,5 meters and a are 32 meters in length.
Man survives long stay in the ocean
17-10-2018 12:00
A Danish rescue helicopter found a Swedish man in the ocean south of Gedser on Tuesday October 16. The 53 year old Swede fell over board the ferry Fintrader, which sails between Malmo og Travemünde, two hours prior to being rescued, The man was flown to Rigshuspitalet in Copenhagen.
22.000 protect the ocean
17-10-2018 10:00
The Danish Defense’s marine guardians celebrates their 12 year anniversary with record breaking numbers of 2.575 new guardians, as well as a positive reception of the concept ”ocean fall”. Since 2006 the number of oil spills in Danish waters have been halved. This positive development is partly due to the marine guardians efforts.
 What shall we do about bad bunkers?
16-10-2018 12:00
Danish shipping organization Danske Rederier recently held a seminar that revolved around bad bunkering and dealing with the issue which is a current and problematic one. The seminar was attended by shipping companies, suppliers, insurance companies and lawyers, and many of the representatives from these fields used the platform to exchange information and knowledge.

 MHI Vestas to hire hundreds in the UK
16-10-2018 10:00
The Danish wind turbine company MHI Vestas will be hiring hundreds of people for their factory on Isle of Wright over the next couple of weeks. On Monday October 15 MHI Vestas started a large recruitment campaign driven by an increasing demand on their V163 wind turbine platform.

Maersk board of directors adds member
15-10-2018 12:00
Ibrahim Gokcen, Chief Technology Officer, CTO, at Schneider Electric, will join Maersk Tankers’ board of directors from November 2018. Gokcen will keep his position as CTO at Schneider Electric while working the role of board member at Maersk Tankers.
Tuco receives order for Multi-Mission boats
15-10-2018 12:00
Tuco Marine Group has signed a contract with Hovedstadens Beredskab I/S (The Capitols Emergency Agency Partnership) regarding 15-meter long ProZero Multi-Mission emergency boats. The boat is designed to quickly and effectively transport emergency staff and the newest equipment to places of emergency in Copenhagen as well as on nearby islands.

Alba Rousing breaks free
13-10-2018 10:00
The Danish coaster Alba Rousing, which went aground on Wednesday night near Bardenfleths Grund north of Årø in the southern part of Lillebælt, is no longer stuck and is currently at a dock in the Port of Kolding. The vessel broke free around 01.00 o’clock Thursday night.

Shippingcompanies are going against Rønne
12-10-2018 12:00
A battle regarding millions of Danish kroner, which until now was kept secret, between shipping company Færgen, Molslinjen and the Port of Rønne has come to light, as Danish media TV 2/Bornholm has gotten insight to an financial battle between the Port of Rønne and Danish ferry company Færgen, a battle that has lasted for more than a year
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