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Shipping should be part of Internal Market
Shipping should be part of Internal Market
27-02-2017 10:00
The EU Internal Market is a great success and a clear advantage for the Danes, whose wealth according to a new study, is 5 percent higher than it would have been without the Internal Market. But the Internal Market does not include shipping and this should be rectified. The Danish Shipowners' Association now takes action.

New wave energy plant coming to Sæby
27-02-2017 12:00
Ever since the turn of the century, a team led by the late inventor Henning Pilgaard has worked to create a new Danish wave energy plant - Crestwing. The first half-scale plant is planned to be launched in the autumn.
Situation at sunken ship under control
26-02-2017 10:00
The situation around the Sternö was under control sunday morning. The ship owners and the insurance company, jointly with the marine authorities were in the process of preparing a recovery plan to salvage the ship during the next week.
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Norwegian conflict can affect Danish sailors
25-02-2017 19:31
A Norwegian legislative change could make it possible to register ferries in the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS) and it may later threaten Danish jobs, predicts Søfartens Ledere.
Ocean-wind beat all records Wednesday
24-02-2017 12:00
On Wednesday, Danish wind farms produced enough electricity to cover 104 percent of the country's energy consumption. Thereby, Denmark tops the list of countries with the highest proportion of energy from offshore wind on a windy day in Europe.
 Spring has come to the Danish yards
24-02-2017 10:00
There was snow in many places in the country this morning. But worry not – Spring is coming. They know this at Søby Shipyard where the many ferry dockings - being prepared for the summer bustle - is a sure sign of spring

 Plans for new container terminal in Aalborg
23-02-2017 10:00
Aalborg Harbour A/S is planning a new, larger container terminal under the working title Aalborg Container Terminal 2. The terminal is scheduled to be placed in the 180,000-square-foot area east of the current basin where the existing container terminal is located.

New trade agreements is the way to growth
22-02-2017 10:00
For Denmark, the EU is crucial for increased access to world markets and to future growth. Therefore, it is important that the EU is pushing for more trade agreements. This is highlighted by the Danish Shipowners' Association, before the weekend's consultation at Christiansborg on the EU's future role in Denmark.
Conference on Ballast Water Convention
21-02-2017 12:00
When the Ballast Water Convention goes into force on September 8, 2017, up to 60,000 vessels worldwide will be equipped with new ballast water systems. In Denmark, there are up to 1,900 ships flying the Danish flag that need be retrofitted with a total value of up to 9 billion. kr.
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Danes will discuss offshore wind in Japan
21-02-2017 10:00
In late February and early March, Japanese professionals in wind power will meet with a delegation of Danish offshore investors, developers and manufacturers within the wind industry. Participants will discuss how Japan can take advantage of the Danish experience on offshore wind turbines.
Environmental ships can take time off
20-02-2017 12:00
The 179-meter-long container ship, Victoria, which was towed to Fayard in Lindø on Friday, was followed by environmental vessels from the Defence. The assignment was to watch and be ready to intervene if there was a discharge of oil during the seven-hour operation
 Oil spill: The environment was lucky
20-02-2017 10:00
The container ship Victoria was towed to a shipyard in Odense yesterday afternoon without spilling any more olie. The grounding a week ago could have ended much worse.

 Siemens secure substantial contract
19-02-2017 10:00
For the first time ever, Siemens Wind Power will provide a complete wind farm solution, including foundations for the EnBW Hohe See offshore project. Hohe See's owner EnBW has now taken a final investment decision for its 497 megawatt wind farm.

Victoria is now towed to Lindø without spills
18-02-2017 10:00
The container ship Victoria is now at Fayard shipyard in Odense Fjord, after being towed at low speed by tugboats from north of Funen.

Scrubber conference on the way
17-02-2017 12:00
Danish Martime and MARCOD focus on scrubber technology, implementation of sulfur rules and new business opportunities for Danish maritime suppliers at a conference in April.
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DONG start Walney Extension
16-02-2017 12:00
DONG Energy will start construction of the 660 MW Walney Extension wind farm in Cumbria next week with the initial installation work on the seabed. To mark the launch, the developer has allocated 300.000 GBP to support and develop the commercial fishery in the eastern Irish Sea.
Plan for grounded ship is expected today
15-02-2017 12:00
The Defence Operations Centre expects to receive a salvage plan later today for the container ship Victoria, which since Friday has remained aground north of Fynshoved with a 50-meter-long crack in the hull.

 Oil cleanup could take months
15-02-2017 10:00
On Tuesday, the cleanup of the oil spill on Endelave started. 10 men and trucks and excavators arrived Tuesday morning to the island with a special ferry. They were going at it all day. The cleanup is only the beginning of a work that may extend over several months.

 No clarification on grounded ship
14-02-2017 12:00
It remains unclear what will happen to the Portuguese container ship Victoria, which sailed aground northwest of Funen on Friday. No new pollution has been observed.

Maersk will reduce CO2 emissions
14-02-2017 10:00
A new partnership agreement between Maersk Line and Equate Petrochemical Company will lead to a reduction of the Kuwaiti company's CO2 emissions per transported container of 15 percent in 2020.
Container ship aground north of Fyn
13-02-2017 12:00
The Portuguese flagged container ship Victoria went aground on Friday night northwest of Fyn. The team leader at Defence Operation Centre informs that there's probably holes in several of the ship's tanks, but there are no traces of oil in the water. The ship came loose unaided and is now anchored.
State revenue from North Sea was halved
13-02-2017 10:00
The low oil prices in 2015 meant that state revenues from the North Sea was halved to around 9,3 billion kroner, according to the financial statement, the DEA announced today. It is a halving of revenue from 2014, when revenue was approximately at 18,8 billion kroner.
Easier to receive compensation for pollution
12-02-2017 10:00
An international set of rules will make it easier to receive compensation for damage by dangerous or harmful substances in maritime transport. The EU is in fact working on a permit to ratify a convention to ensure uniform rules about responsibility for cleaning up pollution.
 Kidnapped are supported by trade union
11-02-2017 10:00
Trade unions now calls for relevant authorities to secure the release of the eight crew members from a German-owned cargo ship that was kidnapped five days ago off the coast of Nigeria.

 The DMA wants to improve efficiently
10-02-2017 12:00
New technology and digitalization is the future – also for the maritime industry and the authorities - to solve their tasks more efficiently. The Danish Maritime Authority will set focus on this at the European Shipping Week on February 28.

Willemoes is ready for war. Now with video
09-02-2017 12:00
The Danish frigate Peter Willemoes is now ready to go to war against ISIL, after a parliamentary decision. It will hapen today when the frigate joins the US aircraft carrier group in the Mediterranean fighting the terror movement.
Michael Pram Rasmussen steps down
08-02-2017 09:00
Michael Pram Rasmussen has informed the Board of Directors that he will step down as Chairman of the Board of Directors of A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S effective at the Annual General Meeting which will be held on Tuesday 28 March
Skou: 2016 was a difficult year
08-02-2017 08:30
2016 was a difficult year financially, with headwinds in all of A.P. Moller – Maersk’s markets. But Maersk have set a new course, with the aim of growing revenue again, says Maersk Group CEO Søren Skou.
Maersk deficit of 1.9bn dollar in 2016
08-02-2017 08:15
A.P. Moller - Maersk delivered an loss of 1.9bn dollar in 2016, compared to a profit of 925m dollar in 2015. The result was negatively impacted by impairments in 2016 of 2.7bn dollar in Maersk Supply Service and in Maersk Drilling.
 Norwegian net makers heading to Skagen
07-02-2017 12:00
Skagen Harbour has signed a letter of intent with Norwegian Egersund AS TRÅL to settle with a net making facility at the port. Initially it will be a temporary location until stage 3 of the port expansion is completed, which will mean new areas.

 Fight against over implementation helps
07-02-2017 08:00
The Director of the Danish Shipowners' Addociation Jakob Ullegård, calls on the government to continue the fight against over implementaion. A statement from the Ministry of Justice in 2015 showed that 90 percent of the EU rules that were incorporated into Danish law in 2014, were implemented through executive orders.

Maersk Drilling changes management
06-02-2017 10:00
Maersk Drilling has appointed Lars Østergaard as new CCO. He replaces Ana Zambelli, who is leaving the company, says Maersk Drilling in a statement.
Greenlandic vessels choose Hirtshals
06-02-2017 08:00
At the moment, several Greenlandic vessels are berthed in Hirtshals. All vessels are going to get major ship services. In late January, Sarfaqittuk from Arctic Umiaq Line arrived. A week after, Pajuttat from Royal Arctic Line arrivied. The two vessels are in Hirtshals until mid-February.
The Danish shipyards are doing well
05-02-2017 10:00
While many shipyards around the world are struggling with deficits and empty order books, things are going really well for the Danish shipyards. We are no longer building large ships, but in turn we have a good hold of special ships, repairs and maintenance.
Goldman Sachs sells out of DONG shares
04-02-2017 10:00
DONG Energy A/S has received information that New Energy Investment S.à.r.l. (NEI) has initiated an accelerated bookbuilding offering to institutional investors of 26,5 million existing shares in DONG Energy, which corresponds to 6,3 percent of the outstanding shares.
 The DMA launches new website
03-02-2017 10:00
The Danish Maritime Authority has launched a new English website. The English website www.dma.dk is used frequently by seafarers and other users throughout the world. Since then, the site has about 450 unique visitors every day.

 Maersk deliver all its documents to France
02-02-2017 12:00
Maersk has submitted all the information which the French authorities requested in connection with the two Danish supply vessels, Maersk Shipper and Maersk Searcher, which sank off the French coast on December 22.

Sea Worker sinking could prove expensive
01-02-2017 10:00
It could ultimately cost DONG hundreds of millions that the company's wind turbine platform Sea Worker in January sunk off Bjerregaard on the west coast last year. Finans wrote this.
Digitalization will strengthen the future
31-01-2017 12:00
As a prelude to the Danish Maritime Authority conference "e-Navigation Undervay" which kicks off in the next two days, the South Korea maritime Director General, Kwang-Youl Park, visited the Danish Maritime Authority to discuss cooperation on digitization and e-navigation.
Restructuring expensive for Alfa Laval
31-01-2017 10:00
In 2016, Alfa Laval saw declines in both order intake, revenue and profits. The accounts were negatively impacted due to costs associated with a major restructuring. The fourth quarter did show improvement compared to the third quarter of 2016.
New turbines should support Vestas growth
30-01-2017 10:00
Two new turbine models will support Vestas' strong position in the US. The US market accounted for 35 percent of all Vestas' announced orders in 2016 and the new types must bring the cost of wind production down.
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